Friday, February 3, 2012

Second time's NOT the charm: Lindstrom disappoints

If you are still reading/checking up on our thrifting adventures here on Operation Sparkle, you are probably wondering where the hell we have been for the past few months. Honestly, I am not really sure—suffice it to say that both Laurie and I have been dealing with quite a lot in our "offline" lives, which has prevented us from heartily engaging in both the act of thrifting and in the act of blogging about it. But, as now is a new time (the dawning of the Age of Aquarius), it is also time to get back on that thrifting horse. Unfortunately, my most recent re-trip to Lindstrom was akin to me getting on that horse and promptly falling off and breaking my collar bone.

Those of you who have been with us for sometime may recall the stellar finds I came across on my last Lindstrom special trip, accompanied by my two friends named Mary. It was to my dismay, and horror, that the adventure and brilliant finds of this previous adventure were unmatched by anything I came across on my most recent trip. The only logical explanation for such a shift has to be that so many thrifters read my post singing the praises of thrifting in Lindstrom that the market has been saturated.

Whatever the reason, all Molly (my comrade in arms) and I found was crap—think pilled, faded, oddly stretched out fashions from Maurices circa 2003. Despite hitting up FIVE thrift stores (three from last years trip (the other of which has since closed)), I, in an completely unprecedented move, left empty handed from the first three. Molly found a few things, like a hanging shoe rack, but for the most part was unimpressed.

It wasn't until we hit up some Family Pathways (technically not even located in Lindstrom, but in Wyoming and Forest Lake, respectively) that I found something to get my mitts on. In Wyoming I found a small picture frame in which to encase a quote by one of the more inspiring adults in my life, however little I know him, and a pot in which to encase a new plant I am currently rooting.

Forest Lake presented me with a few more finds. Clearly inspired by my reinvigoration into the world of Northern Exposure, I came away with these Southwestern patterned hankies, a mug with a Siberian Husky on it for my brother, and this cropped tshirt that screams Shelly Tambo.

I also found this notebook in which to pen my upcoming great American political novel. It is college ruled, five subject and was fifty cents. What sold me was the line written on the cover: "Acedemic Writing."

 Acedemic writing indeed!