Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall is SO IN Right Now

I always find it humorous when fashion designers/magazine editors/whoever gets paid to espouse their fashion "expertise" declare certain colors are "in" for the season—now it is jeweled tones! Emerald green! And then a bunch of totally early 90's orange and magenta for color blocking! While the concept does bring Meryl Streep's face-punch inducing "cerulean sweater" monologue from that equally face-punch inducing film The Devil Wears Prada to mind, I do have to admit that sometimes these people are on to something.

While I am excited to be contradicting this fall by wearing lots of pastels and white shoes*, I am also embracing a color palette more suited for fall. Just the other day, I celebrated having the day off from work by hitting up Unique's 25% off Customer Appreciation day and it became clear that my subconscious was clearly influenced by the changing of the season. Much in the same way that little 12 year-old Holly prepared for her first day of 8th grade with silk color-blocked button-downs, high waisted jeans and scrunchies,** all in shades of navy blue, forest green and maroon, my fall wardrobe is being peppered with colors that one can most readily find in the Crayola "Bold" marker box.

First the tops.

This almost red-orange top has me freaking out. I mean really. The pseudo short-sleeved/no sleevedness of this top is messing with me in the best possible way.

I found this oversized goldenrod silk top in the men's section.

Can't you tell?

I realized after washing it that it was missing two buttons, but it's all good. The overall bagginess of this whole situation means I probably will just wear it as an overcoat sort of deal. I could always sew on new buttons, but let's be real here. Who has that kind of time?

Now for the bottoms....

You can never go wrong with denim pencil skirts. I would like one in every shade of rainbow, please, but for now, I'll settle for some forest green action.

I was a bit on the fence with this printed mid-calve skirt, but I'm glad I got it. There are pockets this piece as well, so really, there was no question. And no matter what fashion magazines say about how "patterns are so in right now!," patterns always have, and always will be, in with me.

This burnt sienna vintage highwaisted skirt is probably the piece I am most excited about from this trip. I am digging the color and love the cut and the little scalloped action at the top. Pieces like this make the changing of the seasons for me.

And finally, proof that thrifting isn't just for super stylish finds, but that it is also useful for finding practical goods at outlandishly cheap prices, a much-needed rain jacket. This puppy will be perfect while I bicycle on those drizzly fall mornings. The little heart motif is a bit girly for my tastes, but as patterns on the inside of rain jackets always make me a little giggly (little ducks? little umbrellas? love it), I think I can deal.

*Keep your laws off my body.
**I was totally the inspiration for the start of this little company called American Apparel. You are welcome, Dov.

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