Friday, July 8, 2011

Flowy poly tops you can actually wear in the summer!*

That would be ME!**
There are so many exciting things happening right now! True Blood just started a fourth season (and it is going to include the Eric amnesia storyline***)! The last Harry Potter movie comes out on June 15th! Jake and I will be at the Caffetto Craft Fair July 24th! IT IS SUMMER!****

I know I have been dangling my "special trip" to Chicago in your faces for like three months, but as I noticed a major trend in several of the items I pounced upon, I am sharing them here on their own: flowy polyester tops that you can actually wear in the summer!

As it turns out, my new favorite thing to wear is old women/80's and 90's tops. These numbers definitely fit into this category, courtesy of Family Thrift, a store which just happened to be having a 50% off storewide sale the day we were thirfting in Chicago.

F yes.

First, the three tops I found at above sale:

PJ top
Weird silky asian-inspired pajama top with multicolored buttons!

Leopard top
High gathered neck (not a turtleneck, but not quite a mock turtle neck) leopard print number! Grrrrrrr! This is the kind of top that prompts your friends to exclaim "OH! Leopard print!" when you show up on their doorsteps wearing it. Trust me, I know from experience.

Floral Top
Floral button down with the most flattering cinched waist I have ever seen on an otherwise boxy poly top!

Golden Top
Then the golden number I almost turned down at the Savers out in the burbs, until Jackie and Steph convinced me to get it. The color of this piece didn't translate well in the photo, but the golden rod color of this top is so amazing, and the cut so cute that I am very glad I was listening to my friends and thrifting partners that day!

The best part? This is just the tip of the iceberg of my finds from the trip! But you will have to wait to see the rest because now I need to get back to my internet television watching! It's been real!

*Full disclosure: since cutting back on my thrifting and thrift blogging (because I am so busy watching television shows and reading the smutty novels that inspire them), I had a momentary lapse in what I had/hadn't blogged about and almost did a repeat of my summer dresses post. Whoops.
**Considering the fact that the only other person posting on this blog has living in NYC for over six years, this is not a difficult question to answer.
***I also may or may not have had a few drinks while watching the most recent episodes of True Blood on the internet.


  1. The floral top is beeeyootiful. And a cinch waist too, can't argue with that!

  2. Thanks ladies! Maybe I will come back from my trip with more to share!