Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Will Punch You with Color

Some key moments of summer thrifting have thus far involved choice uses of bright-ass color in the most unexpected of places. Bright, punchy colors are very much a trend throughout all of fashion right now, but never to be one to thoughtlessly succumb to the magnetism of a trend, I have found some pieces that transcend their apparent trendiness. There is no better possible way to illustrate this point than to show you this picture....

...of a seafoam green suede bustier. The combination of the descriptors "seamfoam", "green", and "bustier", have perhaps never before been linked in any human language until now. And what a joyless world it has been until now. I found this during mine and Holly's Green Bay Memorial Day thrifting blow out and I almost peed myself when I pulled it off the rack. Pretty sure Holly was jealous, an experience I am not often gifted with having. Check out the ruched back and snap up closure. I know enough about garment construction to know that ruching suede is not an easy thing to do, this is some real deal engineering.

And then there are these sweet (and chic!) fluorescent pink plush slip ons. I love the fleur des lis embroidery, and the gingham checked footbed. All around impressive detailing for shoes that probably sold for $8 at Kmart at some point.

Then there is this crazy homemade fluorescent floral printed tank top that I found in Milwaukee a few weeks back.

The bright color/print combo seems like something from an 80's little girl's swim suit, rather than an adult bell-shaped tank top. That is the beauty of finding such home sewing projects while thrifting is that there is always something charmingly not quite right about them.

And rounding things off, is this fluorescent pink washed silk oversized blazer from Express. It is a size XS and I am still swimming in it, even by oversized standards, making me skeptical about how it is designed to fit. If only I could be a fly on the wall of an Express store in '93 to see how they styled it.

It still definitely has potential.

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