Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surprising NYC Trends: The Pink Pant

It's hard to believe that our NYC thrifting trip was almost two months ago! Since so much time has passed, I'm now beginning to reap the benefits of thrifting out of season—that is, my unseasonal finds at the time are now becoming seasonal.

Witness, if you will, the second of my surprising NYC thrifting trends: the pink pant.

When I stumbled upon these gems, it was so hot out that the idea of wearing anything more than an semi-attractive triangle halter top,* the kind Sookie Stackhouse would drool over,** was completely unfathomable. Now, by this last day of August, the nights are cooler and the past few days, being overcast and rainy, require long sleeves on either tops or bottoms. Thus, I am finally able to sport finds from my new pink pant collection!

Now, I've tended to shy away from the color since my obsession with it as a child. There was a time when I, unknowing of how gender norms are associated with colors, loved the color pink so much that when I was on road trips with the fam, I would ask to stop at pink houses so I could get their autographs.***

As it were, however, pink has come back into my life in a big way—with not one, but two pairs of pink pants!

First, the no brainer: bright pink Levis.

A bit baggy in the thighs, I first considered cutting them into cutoffs. Then I rolled up the cuffs. Forgettaboutit! The damage was done and the pants are staying pants.

Then for the real wild card—mauve/dusty rose polyester grandma pants!
I know! But I put them on, and wa-la! they transformed into hot grandma pants! Seriously, I have never felt more bitchin' wearing poly south of my waist. In fact, Mad Men or Kardashian***** trash style be damned, the real style trend for fall is hot grandma. Just you wait!

*Ha! Yeah, right.
**Detachable sleeves, anyone? Anyone?
***Uh yeah. I am fully aware that as a five-year-old, not only did I have zero concept of issues in gender studies, but I also apparently failed to grasp the fact that inanimate objects can't do things like sign autographs.****
****I assure you that despite this severe breach in understanding reality, I turned out to be a reasonably intelligent and capable adult.
*****I just want to tell you how pleased I am with myself that I had to google that for the correct spelling.

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