Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maximum Beach Outfit x2

I'm not sure if you knew this, but today is the first day of September, which made yesterday that last day of August.* As my seasonal depression/fear of winter is so intense that last year I burst into tears when I saw my first changing tree of the season, this monthly transition is always a difficult one. On one hand, we tend to have hot weather (today it was in the 80's and crazy muggy), on the other we start dabbling into the fall, with chillier and darker nights and more knits. While this makes for lots of fun clothing options, it is also the last month in which my tanks, little shorts and swimsuits get to be paraded around before being stuffed into a plastic bag for the next 8 months.***

In supreme defiance to this upcoming weather shift, I insisted on visiting the beach today (the 80 degree humid weather certainly helped as well). Happily, I realized this would be a perfect time to rock out in one of my new thrifted bikinis!

Yes, after a disappointing showing of my collection in last spring's Swimsuit Thrift Off, I was able to better my stash this summer with two new bikinis! The most miraculous thing about these bikinis? That they were clearly made for me because I don't know anyone else who has small enough ta-tas to fit into these tiny, tiny tops.

First, this little black knitted/crocheted number I found thrifting with Laurie in the GBC last memorial day.

I love the structure to this piece (pieces?) and the knit detailing. The best thing is that the padding in this piece is so out of control that it gives me cleavage like I never have, and probably never will again, experienced.**** Unlike the black one piece of a similar knit that I got as a youngster at the Kmart in Shawano, this top will not fall down, even when you are going hog wild on a tube in the lake.

While so far my lack of beach going (and yes, I know, summer is over) has relegated my knit bikini to the occasional backyard layout, I chose to debut this multicolored beaut during today's beach excursion.

This was the first piece I grabbed the second we walked into the Portage Goodwill a month ago*****, and I swear it is magic. Even with the impossible french cut of the bottoms, it fits. I mean, granted, there was a lot of blinding white light reflecting off of my toosh at the beach today, but there was still full coverage, which is a must for a thrifted bikini. I am absolutely in love with the pattern and the little tie detail in the front.

Just think what would have happened in that Thrift Off if I had these little numbers in my possession then! Best not to regret how things turned out, though, because thrifting works in mysterious (and magical) ways.

*Which we commemorated last night into the wee hours by listening to Bob Seger** and drinking a sangria mix that bordered heavily on the edge of wop.
**I'm just now realizing that Bob Seger is so much better when you are drinking.
***Seriously, it is killing me to write this.
****I am not really a "boob" woman per se, but when you endowed like me on top, it can be really exciting to have actual cleave.
*****For a major unprecedented successful Goodwill trip, stay tuned for our special "wedding edition" Special Trip. Not all who wander are lost, my friend!


  1. Nice swimsuits. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to reading your post's updates.
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  2. Those are gorgeous pieces. When you look back on that day though, it's the sweet time you spent with friends you'll remember, instead of what you wear. Doesn't matter if you're in wholesale clothes, racy bikinis, or designer dresses.