Saturday, September 10, 2011

Special Trips! Portage, WI: What is Wedded Bliss Without Sweet Deals?

Just a month ago I had the pleasure of having the excuse of two of my dearest friends, Cortney and Andy, getting married, to book a plane ticket to Wisconsin for a random weekend in August. I love weddings. You get to see old friends, you have awkward run ins with your friend's family members, you get way too drunk (for free!!), and are otherwise wrapped up in the demimonde created by the occasion. You can read all about Cortney and Andy's picturesque beyond picturesque farm wedding in Cortney's hometown of Portage here, but do that on your own goddamn time, because I have more important things to talk about. Those things being deals.

Months before the wedding, when Cortney asked me to help set up the day before and of the wedding, I plead for a two hour leave of absence to explore Portage's thrifting scene. This was an opportunity that I could not possibly let slip through my fingers, not even for friendship. Luckily, my presumption that Cortney a) understands me, and b) would be the chillest bride on earth, proved to be true, and she did not bat an eyelash and said that she would point me towards all the good places.

What I have for you today is the haul I made in Portage on two separate trips; one a power-thrifting episode a few hours before the wedding, and the other, with Holly and her fiance (and my dear friend) Chris, the day after the occasion and a good night's sleep in a pop-up camper.

Firstly, I will show you my favorite find of the whole weekend, this color blocked purse:

The story of finding this purse is one of those moments of thrifting with Holly that I treasure. She was taking FOR EV ER wrapping up looking around while I was trying to get her to try on and edit our finds so that we could get out of the store and back to our friends, who were waiting for us. I camped out by the fitting rooms with our cart in an attempt to get my point across. She left me hanging there regardless, so I started aimlessly digging in the piles of things around me. That is when I found this purse buried deep behind all the rest, nearly invisible. When Holly finally made it over to me, I rubbed it in her face, and was able to see the jealously shooting from her eyes like lasers.

But boy did we turn around from that ugly bout of pride and envy fast! While digging through the massive mound of clothes in our cart, Holly pulled out a KILLER two piece black suede outfit with gold stud detail. It was epic. Beautiful. What one lives to thrift for. Rather than be jealous, I was just sad. But I had a feeling that from the look of the skirt, it might be that tiny bit too small on Holly that is just big enough for me, and that I could perhaps get lucky. I was right, and I managed to convince Holly to keep the jacket (which you will get to see in tomorrow's Portage Part II segment) and give me the skirt. SHARING! Selflessness in thrifting. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

This is an epic party time find, without a doubt.

This two piece outfit I kept all for myself.

I think coordinates are classy. Especially ones with printed lace motifs.

Speaking of classy, nothing says GLAM like a metallic top. My favorite aspect of this top is the knit cuffs and hem detail, making this, essentially, a glorified sweatshirt.

You can never have too many tropical/animal printed anythings!

A paint-streak-stripe printed short sleeve button down shirt. This shirt reminds me of what eight year old boys wore when I was in 3rd grade, and what lesbians wear today. But Holly and Chris insisted that it was sweet, so I bought it.

An oversized sleeveless space dyed magenta sweater. Bright colors are so in!

For all those times that I thought to myself, "I wish I had a below the knee acid wash denim pencil skirt, that would go perfectly with this", comes the answer to my prayers:

Below the knee!

Even better is the priceless 80's denim detailing tag, which reads:


Which is basically really good poetry.

Although a "single trip" that is "valid forever" seems a bit's probably just over my head.

Rounding out the apparel and accessories portion of my finds is this F-ing beautiful silk scarf that makes up for all the shitty scarves that I have bought over the years wishing they were better than they actually were. The colors are amazing, the pattern, amazing, and it's actually silk.

This find made Holly rage pretty hard too, which is always a cherry on top.

Now, let's swing by housewares on our way out!

A commemorative wedding trinket, to commemorate a wedding:

Cortney and Andy, may your love.....oh wait, nevermind.

There was even a wall art score that day, which I stumbled upon but knew that I could not commit to, and so handed off to Chris. Thankfully, he was able to give it a good home in his band's practice space:

It is bizarre indeed, and a real photograph, of some long lost extra from some indecipherable, long lost Monty Python sketch.


Those weren't the only sweet finds I got to bring home from Portage that weekend! I also purchased from Holly, at a deep discount, these preselected, hand-delivered castoffs from her trove:

They really make a beautiful triptych.