Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Gift of Thrifting, Pt 2

I so loved Holly's post about how awesome my thrifted B-day gift to her was (so awesome that perhaps it will make up for the fact that I forgot, while hanging out with her and doing shots, shots that could have very well been Birthday shots, the night before her Birthday, that her Birthday was the very next day? Perhaps?) that I decided I had to show off her awesome thrifted Birthday gift to me: Woven Fashion, by Vivienne Bateson.

The first best thing about this gift is that it is personalized. When you pay $1 or $2 for a book, you do not feel timid about defacing it with a personal message, as the gift is already valueless. In this case, Holly raised the value of the book by referencing Mark Walberg's DIY chest tattoo in the classic film Fear, in her personal message to me: "Laurie Marman 4 EVA".

They next best thing about this book is the layout. The format of the entire book is as above; left page, a model wearing the DIY woven garment in question, the opposite page, a closeup of the DIY* textile, with all that glorious white space uniting the story. Thank the goddess someone thought of this before NYLON magazine.

The third best thing about this book is the professional models (i.e. above). This lady is SO PUMPED about her homemade serape, and who wouldn't be.

A money shot of some hand woven suspenders, that I had to include.

And OMG you thought feather extensions were wild! How about a feather CARDIGAN! Go crazy on it, whole world.

And then there are two whole pages of close up images of various handmade obi-style belts. This is basically pornography to me.

Hence, Holly knows me so well. Best. Gift. Ever.

*Sincerest apologies for the over use of "DIY". It is so unlike me.

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