Friday, June 24, 2011

One More Reason Summer Should be Longer: Vintage Romper/Swimsuit Things

Though it might be false to assert that just now there is an upswing in the popularity of vintage fashion, I am going to go out on a limb here and state that, with the internet, vintage shopping is certainly a bit more accessible, to the point where one might even venture to say that the market has become saturated.

One downside to this movement towards online (and real time) vintage shops is that it makes finding vintage pieces at thrift stores all that more challenging. On the other hand, it makes the thrill of finding such a piece approximately eleven times more exciting. Over my years of thrifting, I have come across some true vintage gems, of which the most perplexing I share with you now: the romper/jumper/swimsuit.

Vintage Floral Jumper
Close Up of Vintage Floral Jumper

I think I almost wet myself upon finding this floral piece at Value Village a couple years ago. It is in excellent condition, has an adorable cut and the deep blue floral pattern is to die for. And did I mention the pockets?! It was close to causing a second excretion of bodily fluids when I tried it on, however, because it almost didn't fit—too short in the torso! Before the tears welling up in my eyes (yes, having to pass up a piece like this would make me cry) could overflow, I realized, happily, that the straps were adjustable, so that the piece just barely fit. I justified its purchase, only later to question if I could wear such a thing without feeling like a weird Katy Perry wannabe.

Vintage Plaid Jumper
Close Up of Plaid Jumper
Back Detail of Plaid Jumper

I totally freaked out when I found this piece at Savers last spring. The color (best represented in the full shot) is amazing and the button details (a sash that buttons in the back, right above the tush? How cute can you get?!) are simply delightful.

I say theses are perplexing because they are not quite rompers/jumpers in the sense that we typically think of rompers/jumpers—as having actual shorts. These pieces are a bit more bootilicious, though the small fit of the blue floral piece leaves very little to the imagination, while the larger fit of the salmon plaid number passes as short shorts. I then venture to believe these would-be rompers are actually vintage swimsuits, which is most likely the case, given the intricate lining of them. Still, the fabrics are so thick and the cuts are such that they don't exactly incite fantasies of lounging around the beach while wearing them.

Thus, these amazing vintage pieces offer a conundrum—how does one wear them!? As previously mentioned, the larger cut of the plaid piece allows for more modesty, and thus can pass as actual clothing in public. The blue one, however, with its cheek hangage, seems only appropriate for some sort of fetishy, pin-up, jib jab photo session, which really isn't my thing. As it is such a treasure, I can't part with it, so for now it will hang forlornly in my closet until the perfect opportunity arises for it to shine.


  1. Oh my lord- if you ever decide you want to sell the blue floral one, put me first in line. That is, if it would fit my voluptuous ladyparts, as vintage swimsuits have a hideous tendency not to.

    I agree completely about how much more thrilling it is to find a vintage item thrifting than to win one on eBay.

  2. I know, right? I will let you know if the winds change and I lose my mind, prompting me to sell it...not that I know how "voluptuous" your lady parts are, but the piece is made with what appears to be child's proportions in mind, so I fear that even in this rare case it is let back out in the wild, it probably won't fit anyone that isn't totally flat chested. Like me.