Monday, June 13, 2011

The Gift of Thrifting

Even though having friends all over the country is a bit of a bummer in that you don't get to hang with them all the time, it does have its positive attributes. In addition to having a reason to travel, one of my favorite things about having friends in places far away is the exchange of items via the postal service, which is, in my opinion, one of our nation's greatest institutions.

Nothing is better than coming home from a long weekend away to find a package waiting for you. That is, until you open it up and find the most sweetest kick ass birthday present sent to you by none other than your thrifting blog partner.

Crazy Geo Boxy Top
Crazy Geo Boxy Top (detail)

I have no idea where Laurie found this gem, but I am 99.9% positive it was at a thrift store. It has so many amazing attributes, I had to wear it the day after receiving it (in other words, the next time I got dresses). The crazy color combo and pattern! The contradiction of boxy cut and flowy fabric (which always results in a perfect fit)! Reinforced fabric front to ensure modesty! A pocket! All by a company with one of the sweetest graphic tags and conceptual names I have ever seen: Sudden Impact.

Crazy Geo Boxy Top (tag detail)

Snap Leather Gap Mini Skirt

For maximum effect, I was going to wear it with this Laurie-approved lovely Gap snap front leather miniskirt that I recently picked up thrifting in Green Bay, but switched at the last minute to simple black denim cutoffs for ease in biking.

White Cutout Shoes

Then I added this sweet cut-out leather slip ons I found thrifting with Jackie way back in April here in Minneapolis. Though their narrow cut wrecks havok on my bunion (get over it), I have been digging these shoes lately. A pop of white leather on the dogs goes a long way with any outfit.

Rest assured this full outfit will be rocked soon, most likely the next time I sport my birthday gift.


  1. "A pop of white leather on the dogs" made me laugh way more than it should have.

  2. i must pat myself on the back for just how much this top has your name written all over it.