Saturday, June 25, 2011

Special Trip! To Austin, TX

I feel a bit neglectful that it has taken me this long to relay to the world my fantastic finds from my last trip to Austin, TX, that I took almost two months ago, especially since I am heading back in just a few days. But the flip side of my negligence is that I am able to relive my past glory, which, by this time, I have honestly nearly forgotten. But thanks to my excellent record keeping skills, these gems didn't slip through the cracks. And, aside from the unfailing promises of tacos, and new and exciting tequila experiences that Austin always holds, this belated recap serves as an excellent means of amping me up for next trip back next weekend. So, let's get AMPED together on these super sweet find from TAY-has.

First up is my first find, this killer sequin vest:

Come Fall, this piece will be my new best friend when I am in need of a quick and easy punch of glitz. Which is like every day, right?

Shorts were on the top of my wishlist when I headed to Austin, and these floral silk culottes filled that niche quite perfectly.

Very pretty stained glass effect in the print:

A little $2 Farragamo silk tank, handed off to me by a friends whose boobs didn't quite fit in. can't beat that!

The proof:

On the way to our first thrift store, one of my posse of thrifters/wedding goers asked if anyone was on the look out for anything in particular. I called out that I was in much need of a black trench coat/raincoat to deal with the ridiculous rainy cold Spring that was dominating NYC weather at the time. Lo and behold, about three stores deep, I find this guy, with a half off purple tag.

$4 later, I have a sculpted shoulder shawl collar raincoat of my very very own. Check out this pleated puff shoulder detail:

It was a damn good thing I found this, because it rained for the following two weeks upon returning to NYC, and I pretty much lived in this thing.

Next is a piece that is already on my "can't wait to wear" list for Fall, this pink metallic chunky ribbed wrap sweater:

Then, in a pre-airport thrifting power hour the likes of which I have never seen before in my life (3 stores in 1 hour), I scored these puppies, brand new (!) heeled oxfords, for $7. This find was especially victorious considering 1) The exigent circumstances under which they were found, and 2) That I have long been coveting such a pair of shoes, but have held out on purchasing them because of my mystical belief that I will someday find them thrifting for a fraction of the price.

Can't. Beat. That.

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