Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Shirts, Big Fashion

Yesterday's thrifting outing was definitely solid. A running theme-if two is a theme-was big shirts/shirt dresses. I already have several, and thought for a second that perhaps I need to back off. But it is the perfect fall/winter work uniform; big awesome shirt and some leggings/mini skirt/jeans. done. This is a quintessential 80's Omo Norma Kamali drapey jersey button down with dropped shoulders that I purchased for $3. The woman perfected it. I have an Omo sheer shirt dress I thrifted a few years ago from the same era that is Ta die for.
First things first, the buttons are getting changed out immediately. Why would anyone put white buttons on dark silk? WTF? Otherwise, I LOVE this print, and it is my favorite fabric in the whole world, washed silk.

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