Saturday, September 25, 2010

I love to stick things to other things

It's no secret that adhesives are great, but what is a secret is how awesome big buttons are! Just like skirts, I dig buttons that are extreme—large or very, very small. None of that one inch crap.

I have been especially into weird, handmade buttons such as these.

While a well placed button can always spice of up a hoodie or backpack, I've found that hat pins are another item that can be functional (and stylish) beyond their intended use of pinning hats onto poofy hair, which I don't possess (the hair, not the hats). I personally like to use hat pins to decorate hats, blazers and the occasional dress. As an added bonus, I have also used hat pins to close pesky jackets that are drafty, or to pin scarves around my neck, during the cold winter months.

The possibilities are endless!

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