Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Pentagram Necklace?

As I mentioned earlier, while contemplating the nature of a silver velvet crop top, my fall look is moving in a very witchy direction. And although it was 85 degrees today, I am theorizing that I will eventually have the opportunity to actually wear these clothes. For now, however, I must be content to blog about them. These are a few recent finds that will be key in the witchification of fall.
The piece de resistance to be certain is this epic long sleeve scoop neck knit maxi dress. It's Esprit! From the 90's! Eat your heart out Neve Campbell.

This is the first time that I have revisited the poet's blouse since 3rd grade, when I bought one at Shopko with my allowance money. That one was definitely not sheer. I just think this is sooooooo pretty.

I got these rad buckle booties at the end of the summer at the St. Vinnie's in Green Bay, marking the end of the dry spell for what is normally the greatest place on earth for shoe thrifting. These were $3. I love the whip stitch detail.

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