Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Time to Get Wacky

After a brief foray into neutral preppy fashions, I have decided to return to my roots with a more "rock'n'roll, homeless, Stevie Nicks, bohemian, sparkles" kind of look. A look that can only be accomplished with a successful trip to the Salvation Army, where, of course, I was able to stay under my newly self-imposed $10 limit and still come home with some majorly awesome pieces.

Stevie Dress

The "Stevie" dress that really "spoke" to me.

Sequin Sweater Close Up

Sparkly cocktail sweaters scream drunk trophy wife.

Geometric Pencil Skirt

Geometric Union Bay (!) pencil skirt adds an extra "wtf" element.

Faux Fur Coat

The $4 faux fur coat that promises to get me through the winter.


  1. The Stevie dress and Geometric Union Bay pencil skirt are beautiful. I'll take them both when you tire of them =)

  2. I just put the skirt away for summertime...but if I don't slim down during the warm months, I just might have to discard it!