Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Wish Lists from Party Girl & Portlandia

While Laurie is out there power thrifting and being all professional, I continue my journey of underemployment and casual to moderate thrifting, both of which are just fine with me. Despite this, I realized this morning that it has been a long time since I hit up my favorite thrift shop, the Arc Value Village in Richfield, a.k.a. the place where dreams are made (like the Halloween Bootique and the best coat in the world), and I started feeling the "thrifting fever." Over my years of thrifting, I have come to recognize when the thrifting fever comes over me—more often than not, this is an indicator that there is something amazing out there with my name on it begging for me to come get it.

So when I got the thrifting fever today, I decided to make the most of my day off and hit up Value Village, as well as Saver's to see what I could get with my remaining $20 in gift certificates.

Sure enough, the thrifting fever was not lying! I found not one, but three pieces that have recently popped up on my every evolving thrifting wish list—something leopard, a floral crushed velvet mini dress and a vintage A-lined skirt.

My number one find of the day was found at Value Village, and even though it set me back $12.99, every penny was worth it because it is simply amazing—the leopard reversible vintage cape!

Every since I saw Parker Posey in Party Girl, I have been jonesing for more leopard in my wardrobe (which, until today, was severely lacking). Even though that movie is baffling (with a Netflix description that is the exact opposite of the actual plot), her outfits are dope.

I had been under the impression that I would find my leopard fix in a over-sized silk top, as they are rather plentiful. It was only when I saw a rather ratty leopard coat at Value Village that I thought, "duh, I should go extreme and go for a leopard print COAT!" And wouldn't you know, I rounded the corner and found this amazing number:

Vintage Leopard Reversible Cape
Vintage Leopard Reversible Cape (Red)

Not only is it a cape, vintage, reversible, and leopard, the fabric is in excellent condition, with none of the gross matting that often happens to faux fur coats. Truly, truly amazing. I know that it was this piece giving me the thrifting fever (and thank god I took note!).

My other two wish list finds are a bit more understated, but still worth discussing. Both arrived on my wish list via my recent viewing of Portlandia. I actually started coveting vintage, thick (think tweed, wool and plaid) skirts recently at work when I bought one for the store and found my own that has an amazing triangle pattern on it. I wanted more, however, after seeing one of the wives from the Ordering Chicken skit. She had on the perfect mid-calf, plaid, a-lined skirt with a tucked-in button down cap sleeved top and I thought, "I want to be her." So now, with my new vintage, tweed, a-lined skirt, I am almost there.

Vintage Tweed A-lined Skirt

My second Portlandia-inspired find is from the love it or hate it "I Dream of the 90's" skit/song—a floral, crushed velvet mini dress. When we were watching the video, my friend Sheila and I were both, like, "I want her dress." And what would you know, the very second that Sheila texted me while I was in Saver's, I landed upon an excellent take on the floral, crushed velvet mini dress—except that, unlike Carrie Brownstein's, mine is fitted and has gold detailing. Which makes it better, which means that I win.

Floral, Crushed Velvet Mini Dress

The winning dress (pay no attention to Neko, the dogs just love to examine my new finds when I bring them home)! Stay tuned for more finds that rounded out my $50 shopping spree at Savers!

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