Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrift Off #2: Holly's #1 Swimsuit

I have to admit that trying to get excited about swimsuits when it is 20 degrees out is rather difficult, but despite all odds, I tried. As it turns out, nothing gets you more pumped for swimsuit season than digging up a couple of awesome, thrifted swimsuits.

This beaut of a piece was scored during the first Black Friday thrifting trip Laurie and I went on. The swimsuit section at St. Vinnie's was chock-full of amazing swimsuits, despite the fact it was the end of November. This is just one of the fabulous numbers I picked up from that trip, and it continues to be one of my favorites.

I have to admit that I was hesitant to purchase a one piece swimsuit at first, as they remind me of children and how I always felt gross wearing one as a lifeguard back in the day. I also am a big fan of tanning as much skin as possible in the summer months, so having a pale trunk is not something I actively pursue when dressing myself for the beach.

Crazy Striped Print Swimsuit with Ruffle (front)


Crazy Striped Print Swimsuit with Ruffle (back)


Crazy Striped Print Swimsuit with Ruffle (detail)
Crazy Striped Print Swimsuit with Ruffle (detail)


Despite these misgivings, this adorable one piece changed my mind. The cut is such that my bottom is covered, without it feeling like I am wearing a diaper. Even though the swimsuit is older, the colors continue to pop and the combination of the print with the little ruffle is, for lack of another word, FUN. The pattern and the colors make me think of tropical retirement communities, which makes me think of, among other things, the Golden Girls, happy hours and golf carts (all which = fun).

I am also a big fan of the ruffle placement as it helps to make the most of my girls, which need a bit of help in that department. It sort of acts like a reverse push-up bra. Even though I felt like a slippery sausage while wearing my red Speedo back when I was employed by the City of Green Bay, I actually feel comfortable when wearing this piece. Perhaps that comes from the rather "womanly" shape of the suit—I never thought it was even possible for a one piece to be sexy! As I found, wearing a secured one piece like this allows you to let loose a little bit more on the beach, instead of worrying about a wave or diving board mishap de-topping you. Not only that, but the straps have three different "settings" to adjust their length.

Union-made Tag for Crazy Swimsuit

AND the suit has a bit of current sociopolitical relevance as it is union-made in the U.S. of A. (though I have to admit that the sizing on this is rather dubious). See what kind of amazing fashions can spring from the hands of union workers? See, Scott Walker?!?! SEE?!?!

Now, you may have noticed, we resist putting pictures of ourselves wearing our thrifted finds on Operation Sparkle. As I have never been a textile student, however, I have not yet invested in a dressform (though I am in the market for one), so the only way I can show you how my fabulous suit fits is by providing you with these photos, taken by my fabulous fiancé Chris. I mean really, it's only fair.

Crazy Striped Pattern Swimsuit with Ruffles
Crazy Striped Pattern Ruffle Swimsuit
Crazy Striped Pattern Ruffle Swimsuit

In addition to showcasing how wonderful of a fit this swimsuit is, I hope you appreciate the styling, as those teal grandma sunglasses are one such pair that has since gone missing (a moment of silence, please).

Finally, a word on voting for our #2 Thrift Off:

Thanks to the lovely Momar/Mary, we have figured out how to post an actual poll on the blog that readers can use to vote. The poll will be available as soon as the last post of this Thrift Off is up (scheduled for February 26th). Once the poll is up, it will be open for a week, closing March 5th. Voting is simple (no butterfly ballots here!)—simply pick which one of us you think has the overall best swimsuits!* And, as always, if you have an awesome thrifted swimsuit, send it in to share!

*A: Me.

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