Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thrift Off #2: Holly's #2 Swimsuit

Man, oh man! Where has today gone? I have been so busy participating in democracy, supporting locally owned restaurants, working and taking public transport that I almost (almost!) ran out of time to squeeze in the tail end of our #2 Thrift Off! As I could never leave a Thrift Off hanging, however, I am here to present you with my second totally kick ass swimsuit: the little polka dot (not bikini) swimsuit!

Now, I have to admit that even I have a hankering that Laurie has me licked for this Off—so much so that I actually considered entering the most vulgar swimsuit you have ever laid your eyes on, thrifted from the same bag sale in which we left a 6 year-old waiting at a closed zoo that Laurie found her second swimsuit wonder at. After slightly considering going this route, I decided against it, mostly because even I take our Thrift Offs very seriously, and also because the thing fell apart the first time I attempted to wash it (I do, however, believe that its remnants are somewhere in my boxes of fabric that someday I intend to use to make a massive craft project/cape).

So with that, I have an actual, real swimsuit that does really knock my socks off. In fact, the only real reason why I even considered throwing out the vulgar swimsuit for this Off is that this swimsuit is so much like my first entry. I actually found the suits at the same time, which leads me to believe that they had the same owner—the same super cute, but still sexy, owner.

Polka Dot Swimsuit with Butt Ruffle (front)


Polka Dot Swimsuit with Butt Ruffle (back)


First, we have the heart-shaped top of this little number. Like the ruffles on my last suit, the shape serves to accentuate my "thunder," while looking really precious. Because who doesn't like precious ta-tas (am I right?)? It is also worth noting that this suit came with a removable black and white polka dot strap that connects to the top of the suit and wraps around the neck, which is pretty adorable. If you are trying to minimize the adorable thing (which, in all honesty, is a bit difficult with such an adorable suit), you can remove the strap (as I have here, which may or may not be because I couldn't find it in my bags of summer clothing), for a totally bare shoulders look. As an added bonus, the top actually stays up, with or without the strap, so either option works!

And speaking of adorable, what more can be said about the double tier butt ruffle action going on on this suit? It seems totally contradictory—that one would want ruffles on their butt, for fear (oh the fear!) that it might make their butt look big (Jesus Christ, who cares?), but somehow, with this suit, the placement is such that it merely looks fun, flirty and a little bit dangerous.

So now....PLEASE VOTE! We are placing a poll on the side of the blog for your voting pleasure. It's democratic. It's cool. And more than anything, it is fashion! The poll will be up for a week, so you have until March 5th to vote. Also, only two more days left to win the awesome static print crop top leotard (say what?!) by "liking" us on Facebook! If anyone is curious, we will pick the winner the old fashion way—writing everyone's names down on a piece of paper, putting them in a hat and picking. We are traditional like that, and it reminds me of Bingo, which is the best game ever.*


Win me!

*After Parachute, of course.

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