Monday, February 28, 2011

Thinking of Spring: Bare gams are where it's at! Shorts & Skirts!

Well, "bare" may be wishful thinking for spring, but tights or light socks are always an option for spring time dressing! As it is currently in the freezing temps, though, the idea of wearing even somewhat airy bottoms is a frightening thought. Still, it is Monday and there is a whiff of hope in the air (after all, we are in our LAST DAY of February, which, as it were, is also the LAST DAY OF OUR GIVEAWAY! 'Like' us on Facebook and win HUGE!), so I present you with my favorite leg-baring looks for spring!

Vintage Tweed A-lined Skirt

High Waisted Plaid Wool Vintage Skirt

As previously mentioned, I am going to be rocking some highwaisted vintage skirts, like these a-line tweed and plaid flowy ones. I am not sure what is going on with me, but maybe it is because I now have a job where I stand and therefore wearing highwaisted bottoms is an actual option (as when I sit with anything constricting my lower abdomen, I want to punch everything as though I am a crazy gorilla), or maybe it is due to the collective conscience being influenced by viewings of Mad Men (which I never seen), but I am digging highwaisted vintage skirts more than I ever have before. Of course, this could also just be a sign of maturity.

High Waisted Vintage Navy Shorts with Pockets and Back Zipper
High Waisted Tan & White Vintage Shorts
High Waisted Green Pleated Shorts

And I know that this is cheating, but I am so EXCITED about these vintage highwaisted shorts, I needed to include my work finds (the first two totally awesome pairs), as well as my favorite green thrifted ones, which I have had for years. These green puppies are perfect for both play and work—I found them at a thrift store in Orlando, FL after drinking bucketloads of mojitos, and yet they are still classy enough to have worn them to my interview with Everyday People (and, as it turns out, my future co-worker Lindsay was wearing a pair almost identical to them! What are the chances?). While you can often find a large selection of highwaisted shorts hanging from thrift store racks, finding a pair that is even somewhat flattering can be difficult. My suggestion? Look for ones that have a least some sort of pockets on the butt, go for color and make sure that they aren't too tight in the waist. Because a tight waistband makes no one happy. And who wants to be unhappy—especially when you are rocking totally bangin' highwaisted vintage shorts!

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