Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spending $50 at Saver's: Part II

After I blew a cool $30 of my gift certificates at the Savers by my house, I took a few weeks off to shop with the rest of my "free money." I decided to hit up the Saver's in Richfield, as I have had good luck in the past finding shoes there. While the store is pricier than I prefer for my thrifting, I had $20 to spend at my leisure, so I figured that I'd invest in some nice shoes, or whatever else I would stumble across.

What I found was almost heartbreaking—after having just spend a nice chunk of money at Value Village on my new vintage, leopard print, reversible cape, I had promised myself that I would not go over the $20 I still had in gift certificates. This meant major editing with the pieces I found, most of which I would have surely purchased had I more funds and more space. I found some excellent button down tops, a stack of shoes (including a pair of Sorels), several adorable sweaters and a wide array of dresses. Determined to stick to my frugal plan, and anxious to beat rush hour traffic, I edited quick and furiously, discounting items immediately if I questioned them or found flaws. As it were, I came away happy, with some quality pieces that quantify as great Christmas gifts (for myself).

As I previously posted, I found two pieces from my wish list—a floral, crushed velvet mini dress and a vintage, tweed, a-line skirt. In addition to these numbers, I found two new pairs of footwear:

Vintage Tall Maroon/Brown Leather Boots

Vintage, tall leather Dexter boots. After years of searching for the perfect boot, I now have a sizable collection of amazing boots, so much so that I only go for boots that are outstanding. I wasn't sure about these until I put them on and realized that they were a great color and would be easy to wear, two things that scream "GREAT BOOTS!"

Biviel Wedge Sandals

Strappy ,wedge Biviel leather sandals. I really love these. I can't explain why, but I just do, so I got them even if my feet slide forward a bit, causing a small amount of toe hangage.

80's dark teal and white sweater

Out of three sweaters, I chose this one for its preciousness and affordability. The other two (a yellow 80's style and a shrunken striped J. Crew cardigan from 2007) were both over $7, which would have pushed far beyond the $20 limit. In hindsight, I think I picked the best one, regardless of price.

The best part? I only went over by 46¢! Now that I can afford.

While it only took two trips to spend $50 at Saver's, I now know that if I am ever blessed with a gift of thrifting gift certificates again (the best gift ever, hint, hint), I will be a more careful with how they are spent. Even if I didn't pay for it, I'd rather have a cute top than a Hall & Oates record, but you live and learn!


  1. why do i feel like i had terrible luck thrifting in minneapolis this summer? i didn't find anything. were you purposefully taking me to all the crappy places?

  2. i hope hall & oates don't read this post. that will be awkward......

    ps - i love those wedges. i've been looking for some like those for awhile.

  3. ahhhhhhhh those boots. fab!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  4. One time Nikki, Alex's girlfriend, wrote a really terrible review of a Brooks and Dunne concert and then was invited to see them at a rodeo/huge county fair in Wyoming, with V.I.P. passes and free Coors. I am hoping I will have the same luck.