Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thinking of Spring: Accessories!

As we have previously discussed, one of the best things about thrifting is the ability to constantly change your look up. In the past year alone, thrifting has allowed me to dabble in preppy neutrals, crazy Stevie Nicks/homeless/hippie looks, and dressing like my 80's boyfriend.

Having major seasonal changes, like we do in Minnesota, only encourages experimentation in dress. As spring will be here in approximately 2 months, I am already preparing for the coming warm weather, which means I need a new look. That said, I have started assembling some pieces that I think will be key to this new look. For it, I am going for something a bit softer, and more feminine. There is something about stomping around in Sorels and hiding under layers of wool that makes you want to head in the exact opposite direction for spring fashion, so that is what I am doing. So in celebration of it reaching the 40's this week*, I present you with my spring fashion plan!

For the first installment of my spring fashion "to wear" list, we have accessories! And what better way to celebrate uncovering your face and neck for the first time in months than with sunglasses and light, decorative (vs. utilitarian) scarves?!

Three Pairs of Sunglasses

I can't wait to get some serious mileage out of these vintage shades I stocked up on. I can't for the life of me figure out how people can justify buying expensive sunglasses. As diligent as I am, every pair I own, without fail, breaks or goes missing. Because of this, when I find a sweet pair (or, in the case of these, three) thrifting, I always snatch them up. I found these at St. Vinnies last summer for about 75¢ each.

Long Teal Scarf
Floral Print Tan Vera Scarf

Currently on my wish list? More long light scarves that can be tied in a bow to add class to my outfits. So far, I have this teal one from work and this cute floral Vera one thrifted from way back when.

Though I can't wait to add some spice to my spring outfits with these pieces, I really can't wait for the outfits themselves! Stay tuned to check out my springtime tops, bottoms and shoes (and keep your fingers crossed that warmer weather is here to stay!)!

*I realize that to our readers in fairer climates, the idea of joyfully jumping around to 40 degree weather is rather unfathomable. When you live somewhere that has reached the depths of 25-35 below zero in the past week, however, this is something to celebrate.


  1. this post makes me so excited for spring! i want to try and do some starchy dress shirts, bowties ala Janelle Monae and high waist skirts when it is warm out. obviously not everyday but for cheeky days out on the town! and this makes me want to buy some vintage sunglasses from ebay....

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Just WAIT for the rest of my spring look posts! You are going to love them! And I totally agree, I can't wait for cheeky days out on the town!