Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Jewels: Refined Goth Chunky Black Stud Necklace

There are frequently those moments in thrifting when you find something that is so incredibly bizarre, seemingly impossible, totally inexplicable,* or completely banal and commonplace, that you are magnetically attracted to. The way in which you sort through the meaning of those confusing feelings, and resultantly, acting, is the tricky part.

When you find yourself locked in to such a trance, so many questions run through your head. Why do I feel this way? do I like this? or am actually repelled by it, and confusing that with attraction? is it totally cheesy? or is this breaking new ground? does this look like it's from the mall? but maybe in a good way? It could be said that the discretion exercised when facing such questions is the greatest test of a thrifter, and can swiftly separate the pros from the amateurs.

One such instance of thrifting mesmerism occurred with this piece--which I am pleased to say that I made the right decision with--a chunky black plastic stud necklace.

This piece generated many of the above questions. I was instantly drawn to it and thought that I loved it, but there were so many "ifs" running through my mind. First, it's plastic. Secondly, it's one of those stud things that I like but are so annoyingly trendy these days. Thirdly, it has one of those arguably very cheesy slinky chains. BUT my very first impression of it was that it reminded me of something Mick Jagger wore in Performance. A huge plus.

Also on the plus side of things, is that it is goth, but sophisticated. Refined goth, you could even say. That is indeed another huge plus. And possibly outweighs the other potential negatives? I was leaning in that direction.

From there I resorted to a thrifter's other greatest asset; thrifting companions. Especially those that are well versed in your personal style and wardrobe-related idiosyncracies. This feedback is invaluable. Good thrifting companions are able to ask you the tough questions that you might not be asking yourself, and give you some perspective when you are clearly lying to yourself. My thrifting companions that day, Holly and Sarah, having known me for most of my life, were able to advise me that my doubts were unwarranted, and that this piece is in fact a gem. And so the deal was sealed and the purchase was made. I even ended up wearing it on the first day of my new job!

*referring to the one that got away; the Meta Sweater. Holly, Sarah and I were thrifting in Green Bay a year or so ago, when we found a sweater with a knitted facsimile of a sweater appliqued on to the front, with the word "SWEATER" similarly applied above the image. In fact, a sweater about a sweater; a Meta Sweater. If this is blowing your mind, that is totally normal.

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