Monday, January 3, 2011

More New Years Thrifted Looks

Wait. What? Did that just happen? How is it already the third day of the new year? Does anyone else feel like they entered into a booze/visitors/traveling/cheese-induced k-hole for the past two weeks or is it just me? All I know is that I somehow lost the past two weeks of my life (and will continue to do so as my whole family is going skiing for four days starting tomorrow), as well as plentiful blogging opportunities!

Have no fear, because even when we aren't blogging, we are living the thrifting lifestyle. As Laurie was able to discuss in a timely fashion (i.e. not three days after the fact), the holidays are an excellent time to take advantage of all the crazy, fancy thrifted fashions that you have been hoarding for months (or found that afternoon), anticipating the perfect holiday party to wear your velvet overalls to (I am not kidding, just you wait!).

My 2011 New Years outfit was no exception—a mix of old and new thrifted pieces, and a key vintage resale piece, I threw this outfit together after nixing about five other ones. While I can say it was a success, I also think I will never wear heels again. My feet still hurt and there is absolutely nothing sexy about stumbling around like a drunk after you have been in public for two hours.

Vintage Jeweled Headpiece

Vintage Jeweled Headpiece (detail)

This vintage, bejeweled, silk headpiece was clearly the pièce de résistance of my New Years outfit. I found this gem during my last minute thrift trip to Fox Valley Thrift with my brother. Determined that Laurie's assumption that between Thanksgiving and Christmas little changes at our favorite Green Bay shops may be proven wrong, we stopped by on a whim and found some of the best items I have found thrifting. While this piece was pricey by thrifting standards (originally priced at $30), it was pink tag, that week's "half-off" color. If you ask me, $15 is totally worth it for an amazing, in perfect condition, vintage headpiece like this, especially when it tops off your New Years outfit.

Silky Satiny Top

Silky Satiny Top, button-up back

For my New Years top, I chose this most amazing silk, button-up back piece that I have utilized on more than one holiday occasion. I think I paid about two bucks for it a few years ago at the St. Vinnies in Green Bay.

Vintage Ruffled Bloomers

My bottoms were from Everyday People (cheating! I know, but they are so great, I have to show them off)—vintage ruffled booty shorts. Say what?!

New BCBG Generation Suede Pumps

Finally, the very sexy, very painful BCBG Generation pumps I picked up at the Stillwater Goodwill a few weeks back. Also $15, but brand new and in perfect condition. Now they are bit scuffed and the bottoms are littered with shards of glass—all proof that it was a great night.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! Stay tuned for some great New Years plans/resolutions from Operation Sparkle!


  1. Love the brooch on the headpice. No hair so I don't wear them =) The blouse is cute. I found one at my local Goodwill last week, no back buttons and some appliques on the front. The booty shorts are fierce. I need to find some of those in advance to bring in 2012!

  2. the shorts were amazing! total nye babe.