Monday, January 31, 2011

Operation Sparkle on Facebook + GIVEAWAY (that means cool free stuff)

To make things a bit easier for people to get Operation Sparkle updates, we are adding a Operation Sparkle Facebook page! Whoot! Whoot! That is almost exciting as the buffalo tater tots at the Blue Door in St. Paul!

What is even more exciting than having yet another way to stay on top of all things Operation Sparkle (the first is our twitter feed, but I know there are a lot of people out there who, for whatever reason(s), are morally opposed to twitter. Since we are all about equal opportunity social media platforms, we decided to give this one a go as well) is that we are coinciding the launch of the Facebook page with our first Operation Sparkle GIVEAWAY!

That is right folks, we are giving away this little, sexy thrifted number that Laurie picked up once upon a time! The static print crop top leotard!


I mean, really, have you ever seen anything like this before in your life!?

I can tell you are all salivating over the chance to get your paws on this one-of-a-kind, Operation Sparkle-approved gem. The way to enter?

Just 'like' us on Facebook! At the end of the month (meaning February 28th), we will randomly (honestly) pick a fan to receive this glorious little number. If you win, you will have to give us your mailing address, but I promise you that we won't pull an Oprah and make you pay for the shipping. That's on us. We also recognize that not everyone may want this piece, for whatever reason, and that is cool can always resell it, give it to a friend, or simply donate it back into the thrifting world if that is the case. AND we promise that for future giveaways, we will mix it up with accessories and household goods!

And the best part? Even if you don't win, you can know all our Operation Sparkle news, maybe even before it hits the blog. That is the beauty of the speed of technology! So check it out (and tell all of your friends!)!


  1. i can't actually get to your page through yr facebook links..... what the hell! i'm sure i could just search and find you.... but ya know.... i have a headache. and really, i don't need the leotard since it would never in a million years fit me. i want someone else to look glorious in it!

  2. hmmmmm that is strange. I have been able to click thru when I am logged out of my account...