Monday, January 17, 2011

Thrift Off #1: The Decision

The air this past week on OpSparkle has been thick with the spirit of ruthless competition. Give two thrifting alphas the opportunity to outdo each other, fifteen years of friendship will be forgotten, and blood will be spilled. Especially when there are so many big cats involved.

In spite of our shared determination to annihilate each other, Thrift Off #1: African-Themed Dresses, was a tie. Following is a recap of the votes we each received;


HOLLY. I'm sorry to disappoint you with my tardy vote, but I won't disappoint with my decision. I vote for Holly for the following reason: I don't like Laurie's dress. (Sorry, Laurie). The print on Laurie's dress looks like a Cosby sweater or something. Maybe its cute on? I have to go with cats in this case. Cheetah, Leopard, I don't care, it's a winner. -Mary W. via OpSparkle comments

I don't think it's a contest. I like Holly's because of the cat print and the cap sleeves and the single giant hole in the back. Laurie, I am sorry to say but the two giant holes on the back of your dress scream that you are hiding your bra when going braless in a backless dress is the only real option.-Cortney H. via OpSparkle comments


This is super difficult, because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings!!! Ah! But Laurie I have to say your argument, for the sake of argument was right on. You get my vote! But I do think both dresses are awesome! -Sarah B. via Facebook

can i vote here? i'm gonna have to cast my ballot with Laurie. (sorry, Holly). But her thoughtful commentary on the semantic hurdles facing fashion bloggers was impressive and provoking. Additionally, I appreciate geometric prints. However, those cats look like they're really roaring on yours, Holly! -Annie O. via OpSparkle comments

Analyzing our feedback, I am going to venture to say that this competition was characterized by the strength and flashiness of Holly's dress (I admit), and my rhetorically strong argument, forged out of a realization that I might easily succumb to the mass appeal of cats. I am also pleased to see how thoughtful and polite our readers are, there being a great concern for the feelings of Holly and I. This should never deter anyone from voting, however, we can handle it!

Thanks to all who participated! If you didn't participate, you will have another chance!

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