Sunday, January 30, 2011

Special Trip: Post-Christmas Fox Valley Thrifting!

In celebration of our hometown team* making the Superbowl, I am presenting you with our very special Fox Valley post-Christmas thrifting trip! As my best post-xmas finds were unearthed after the special trip (including my jungle cat dress and vintage jeweled headpiece), I was rather underwhelmed by our Fox Valley trip, though it is hard to tell if my head just wasn't in the game (I was feeling rather anxious about spending money and was experiencing one of those rare moments of extreme guilt for having way too many clothes and too small of a closet) or if the deals just weren't there. While the highlight of the trip for me was finally finding a Mexican restaurant with $2 margaritas, Laurie fared much better than I did, coming away with some pretty stellar finds.

Per usual, we got off to a late start as it took much longer than anticipated for my mother to tour our friend, fellow thrifter and chauffeur, Sarah's new house (which is amazing). We hit the road over an hour later than planned, but were still able to fit in a suitable lunch (with cocktails) and hit all three shops.

First stop was Bethesda Thrift Mart in Neenah. While it was in no way as amazing as the Green Bay Bethesda was (R.I.P.), the shop had a large selection and was easy to navigate, due mostly to its large aisles. It was, however, freezing.

Vintage Navy Leather Chain Purse

This vintage leather purse is a perfect example of how I have too many clothes (well, in this case, accessories) as I totally forgot about this find until I was browsing through pictures for this post. What is even more ridiculous is the fact that I just recently started coveting a chain strap purse. Which means I was coveting something I already owned. I think the universe just exploded.

Wishbone Necklace (detail)

While Laurie found some truly amazing jewels on this trip, I have to say that some of my favorites were also jewelry, like this little gold wishbone necklace.

Western Style Riding Blazer
Western Style Riding Blazer Back

While my clothing finds were minimal, Laurie found some great pieces like this fitted vintage riding jacket.

White Cross Body Stripe Dress

80's dresses cut like this one are pretty common at thrift shops, but this black and white one Laurie found wins points for its simple linework.

Our Rejects at Bethesda

Our rejects at Bethesda. Notice the real rabbit fur coat that none of us could convince ourselves to buy, even though it was only $12.

From there, we traveled to the St. Vinnies in Neenah. I'd have to say the highlight was the shoe basement, even if I didn't come away with any shoes. I have a slight fear that this is what my house will look like some day if I don't control my shopping impulses.

Shoe Basement in Neenah St. Vinnies

I found some more great accessories here, including two $1 winter hats (I love putting bright things on my head in the winter).

Colorful Knit Cap
Orange Knit Hat

I also found two simple pieces that have now become major staples in my jewelry collection:

Wood Necklace

My new favorite necklace—it is super light, which makes me think it is cheap, but the wood pendant is like nothing I have have seen. I love its shape and the color variance.

Colorful Stud Earrings

What is better than one pair of cute colored studded earrings? Why FIVE pairs of cute colored studded earrings! I love simple studded earrings and the colors of these are amazing.

Navajo Stripe Scarf

Laurie also found a deal in the winter accessories department with this Navajo stripped scarf...

Geo Jacquard Stripe Wrap Skirt

...which I think she should wear with this geo jacquard strip wrap skirt, just for good measure.

At this point, everyone was starting to get the shakes from hunger so we decided to get some lunch. Unfamiliar with the area, but determined that there would be plentiful Mexican restaurants in strip malls, we drove around aimlessly for what felt like an hour until we found one. I have never enjoyed a lunch combo plate of enchiladas more.

Finally, we swung by the Bargain Garden, which, as it turns out, was right down the street from our Mexican restaurant in Appleton. Unfortunately, though the name sounded promising, there were few bargains to be found, and this place was hardly a garden. The prices weren't that wonderful, and even more than that, the selection was minimal. I walked away with nothing (which rarely happens).

As I previously mentioned, I had much better luck in Green Bay after this trip, so that just goes to show you that sometimes it pays to stick with what you know.

*For the record, I hate organized sports, especially football, but Laurie is totally a Packer's fan. She even went to the game and spent the entire day outside in 20 degree weather the day before this trip. Also, the last time the Packers were in the Superbowl, our high school had a Superbowl-themed dance called "Gold and Green in New Orleans," which sort of rhymes but not really.

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