Friday, December 31, 2010

Just in time for the New Year: Sequins, Lamé, Drag Queens, and Vintage Party Favors

One of the greatest joys of thrifting is certainly the unexpected. Even when you think that you have had enough experience to understand its patterns, to know when and where the getting is good, something surprises you. For example. I have long maintained the belief that Christmas thrifting is the worst. Between Black Friday and Christmas there is very little turn over, stores are picked over, and everything you see is the stuff you left behind on Black Friday.

This illusion has now been shattered forever, with the discovery of New Years thrifting. In what I thought was a desperate attempt to scrounge up a thing or two before heading back to NYC, I headed to the St. Vinnies in Green Bay, figuring I'd be lucky to find anything at all. When I arrived, I quickly noticed that the "eveningwear" section was totally stocked, and triple its usual size. There were lace and sequins and satin absolutely spewing from the racks. It was clearly a SPECIAL NEW YEAR'S EVENINGWEAR SECTION. An unprecedented thrifting discovery.

For me, at least, because Green Bay's drag queens seemed to be well aware of the bonanza. Luckily, they were my only shopping competition, and were also, luckily, definitely not my size. I came away with these two gems.

An open front gold lamé jacket......

with a back keyhole cowl!!!!! I LOVE me a creative use of a cowl, and this gets an A++ for being both a back cowl, and and keyhole cowl, something I don't believe I have ever seen before.

Next, is this real deal vintage 60's sequin cocktail dress with POCKETS. Just what every cocktail dress needs. By Agapi Paris, for $5. This dress is in stiff competition with the party top to end all party tops for New Year's Eve 2011 outfit. The lovely little old lady who checked me out said that I "couldn't go wrong" with this dress. I totally agree.

And as if that were not enough, there was also a special vintage New Year's party favor section. Yes, I said VINTAGE PARTY FAVORS.

Get over it. These amazing relics set me back a whopping 25 cents each. I might have to start a collection.

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  1. Oh my god in response to that AMAZING jacket. I looked at your finds and read the accompanying captions and thought, how in the hell did she find that gorgeous black sequined cocktail dress (with pockets!) in NYC for a mere $5?! But then I read the top portion of your post it made sense. You scored it in Green Bay. Super, *amazing* finds! I've been eyeing sequined tank tops, but now I just want that jacket.