Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day #21: Color Blocked Top!

Even though Mila from Season 7 of Project Runway was thisclose to ruining color blocking for me, I have to admit that I am still a fan of such a stylistic technique. There is just something so modern and bizarre about reducing a piece of clothing to solid blocks of color that I can't deny its beauty. Pair that with the sweet awesomeness of button-down crop tops, and you have got my #10 find:

The red and black button-down crop top!

Red and Black Color Blocked Crop Top

While I am still on the fence about taking the shoulder pads out (the most likely scenario), this top, like my #12 find, wins extra points for having just the right amount of flowy goodness to it. When you add the cropped length...well, just forget about it.

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