Friday, December 3, 2010

Summer Time Lovin' for Day 23

I am completely cringing over my Grease reference in this post title, but can we all just agree to get over it? You get over it, I'll get over it. Because on this very, very cold, crappy winter day (with a snow storm on the way), summer and love are the only things getting me through—in addition, that is, to the promise of wearing my #11 find, this flowy teal embroidered tank!

Teal Embroidered Tank

As Laurie explored in this past post, one of the best/most difficult things (that is, having to wait to wear the pieces) about thrifting is thrifting out of season. Unlike new retail shops, which only carry items that are "seasonal," (though their dubious conception of "seasons" does not quite line up with Minnesota weather patterns), thrift stores, which do some seasonal swap outs, tend to have a little bit of everything, making conditions ripe for unseasonal goldmines to explode all over the place!

Now, I have some even more stellar summertime pieces to be revealed later in this countdown, but for now, I want to sing the praises of this simple, sweet tank. The color is one of my favorites (I am a sucker for bluish-greenish tones) and I love the slightly boxy shape with the fabric dipping in the center of the back and front. The embroidered flowers near the neck may be a bit grandma-ish but I think that the cut and color make this shirt one you would only see on the coolest grandma. And I am totally, totally down with looking like a cool grandma!

Another side note on this tank—I have been experimenting with layering, which can be a challenge in this erratic climate. Lucky for me, my workplace is rather warm, so I have more options than wearing bulky sweaters at all times.

Silk Tank

The other day I took this silk taupe top and wore it with a striped cardigan, jeans and a big blue scarf. I felt very chic, which is rare during this time of year, and I think the secret is layering with these flowy tanks—so maybe this teal one has a place in my wintertime wardrobe after all!

Double success!

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