Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 16: More Imaginary-Animal-Print; or, Refinery29 Can Suck It

I will guiltily admit here that I am subscribed to the Refinery29 daily email updates. I say guiltily because I think they are terrible and they are the plague of my inbox. But for some reason, it is the self obsessed NYC hipster fashion blog train wreck that I can't help but watch, at least 2 to 3 times a day.

My point being, I was very upset when one such email a few days ago was all about the "leopard prints that we're 0bsessed with" (always with the royal "we", and always with the "obsessed"; it is maddening. If someone could forever disassociate the concepts "fashion" and the word "obsession" in all its various forms, I would die happy). I was very upset because I had already planned a two day imaginary-animal-print piece for the 18th and 16th days of the 25 Days of Black Friday Thrifting, and felt a little bit scooped, in the lamest possible way.

Except NOT, because this is IMAGINARY animal prints, much better than bourgeois leopards.

Here is part two, my #8 top Black Friday Thrifting Find; the imaginary-animal-print black and gold shawl collar silk blouse.

While I love yesterday's imaginary-animal-print because of how perfectly the pattern is distributed and repeated over the fabric and the garment, I love this one because of how ikat-like it is. In case you are not familiar with ikat, it is an Indonesian weaving technique where the warp or weft of the fabric is dyed prior to weaving, creating a pulled or drawn effect after weaving. A pretty ingenious technique to apply in order to create an animal print effect. Especially one belonging to an imaginary animal.


  1. Uh...we should probably switch up our "About Operation Sparkle"...the problem is, I can't think of any word that describes how I feel about thrifting other than "obsession"

  2. ooops. how about addiction? i think it might be more suitable to liken it to a substance abuse problem anyway.