Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 18: Imaginary-Animal-Print Cropped Tank

After 8 straight hours of continuous thrifting, I thought I had finally gone blind.* I hadn't found anything in awhile, my feet were aching, and my blood sugar was plummeting. I was ready to call it quits, even though Holly still seemed to be going strong and would definitely reap the rewards of my being out of commission. Listlessly, I filed through the racks, when this final and fantastic find of the day popped out at me.

Which makes my #9 Black Friday thrifting find this glorious animal print cropped tank top!

It might even be my favorite tank top that I now own, period. The terracotta color is fantastic, the imaginary-spotty-animal print is perfectly distributed, and I love me a jacked up hem line any day of the week. The tent shape gives it added drama. I will most definitely not be able to wait for summer, and will, like Holly achieved here, have to find a way to work it in to the winter months.

*thrifting blindness is when you have simply looked at so many clothes for so long that you are no longer able to discern between the good, the bad, and the good ugly/bad ugly.


  1. I know the themes of this blog and advent calendar have nothing to do with competition, but do we get to vote on whose finds we like more? Because at this point Laurie, you are kicking Holly's butt in my book. (I love you, Holls! We just have different tastes...)

  2. I am just saving all my good stuff till the end. Just you wait.

  3. Thanks, Mary! It is true though, Holly's really good stuff might blow my really good stuff out of the water. I toploaded my list as a precautionary measure in case of this. Hopefully I can maintain, though!