Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 19 of Black Friday Thrifting: Pleated Patterned Silk Skirt

This is starting to get tough, folks. By that I mean that now we have dwindled down to the actual top 10 items of BLACK FRIDAY THRIFTING, I am having a harder and harder time ranking them worst (which seems like a wholly inaccurate term to describe any item on this list) to best. But, for you, I will try. I also keep losing track of what number we are on, as numbers aren't the strong suit of us here at Operation Sparkle.

Structured Patterned Silk Skirt

So with that little disclaimer, I present you with my #9 find—this totally gorgeous structured patterned silk skirt. I swore a lot when I was photographing this piece, as displaying it on a hanger does not do the shape (created by extreme pleats starting at the waist) justice. Rest assured, however, that somehow this number looks amazing paired with a tight, tucked-in top, despite the seemingly contradictory placement of pleats on hips.

Not only is the shape of this skirt amazing (and unprecedented in my wardrobe), but the silk fabric and gold floral/leaf pattern on black background earns this piece extra points.

Patterned Silk Cropped Coat

Add to all those attributes the fact that this skirt was actually the bottom half of a two-piece set, the top half of which is this almost as equally amazing cropped coat and you can see why this piece received the top 9 spot in my countdown.

Now, you may be asking yourself why I didn't just post the whole suit as my number nine pick, but doing so would overshadow one of the major revelations I had during our BLACK FRIDAY THRIFTING excursion: that I have been grossly overlooking the women's suit section and all its glory. The beauty of the women's suit section is this—you get two pieces for the price of one! When you are shopping at a thrift shop like St. Vinnies, that equates to two amazing articles of clothing for $3! That is $1.50 each! Since I am not a biz casual dresser, each of these pieces is like a separate little treat for me to eat—the possibilities of which are practically endless!

Twice as much fun, for half the cost. Clearly a win-win!

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