Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 17: BOOM! All Over Graphic Print Loon Sweatshirt

According to a certain special follower of Operation Sparkle, I need to step up my game (though I have mixed feelings about this being a competition, I do not want to present a disappointing set of thrifted finds for our BLACK FRIDAY THRIFTING countdown). Thus, I present you with my #7 find, one that made me scream across St. Vinnies (which, as Laurie pointed out, is the largest St. Vincent DePaul in the nation) for Molly, swinging it around high in the air, while experiencing the thrifting rush where you feel so excited you might just poop your pants: the All Over Graphic Print Loon Sweatshirt.

All Over Graphic Print Loon Sweatshirt (front)


All Over Graphic Print Loon Sweatshirt (back)

Here's the back view, because though it is the exact same view as the front, I wanted to drive home how amazingly awesome this sweatshirt is.

How amazingly awesome is it? Let me count the ways:

1. Loons. Loons, like Prince, are one of the few things that makes me feel the teensiest bit of pride to live in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 passive-aggressive comments, as someone (undoubtedly a Scandinavian) recognized loons as an excellent contender for state bird (vs. Wisconsin, which has the state bird of the robin, which is cool, but not as cool as the loon, and not nearly as cool as the wild turkey, which was what Benjamin Franklin wanted the United States' official bird to be).*

Things that are cool about loons: they have cool myths and stories attached to them (I am running out of room here, so if you are interested you can read up on loon tales here). Loons are kind of like your best friend, who is really attractive, but modest, and always willing to go grab a beer. They always make you feel chill and happy, and even though they are the smartest beings you know, they didn't finish college because college is for sissies, and instead they do all their self-educating at the local library. In short, everyone wants to be a loon.

2. The all over graphic-ness of the sweatshirt. Blows your mind while assaulting your eyeballs with awesome loons. 'Nuf said.

3. Perfect fit. I don't understand why anyone would get rid of this piece. Ever.

4. The innocence of magenta sweatshirts. I feel like I am in 4th grade when I wear this due to the color alone, but in a good way, not a creepy way, like the way I felt reading the Twilight series (creepy, not good).

5. Family values. You can just tell this loon family totally gets along and that they never have to listen to their uncles prattle on during Thanksgiving dinner about how rail systems prevent black people from becoming millionaires by working at McDonalds.**

*Not only am I upping my thrifted content, I also decided to include a history lesson with this post. Also, a truck bearing the words "Benjamin Franklin" just drove by my house, so it is meant to be.

**True story.



  2. And the related history lesson is much appreciated as well.

    Note: you both should know that this is seriously helping me get through the end of the semester. For REAL.

  3. You are the second person today who has shared the positive psychological impact Operation Sparkle has had on them. Retail therapy, anyone?

    And yeah, loon sweatshirt. Believe it!

  4. daaaaaaang great sweatshirt and great loon facts!

  5. well, Holly, with a name like 'Operation Sparkle' how can it NOT have a positive psychological impact on EVERYONE?

  6. really? one loon shirt and now i'm losing? and that history was tangental, at best.

  7. It's a Minnesota thing, Laurie. Loons = awesome. I will give you props for more historical relevance, however.

  8. it's a magical top, that is all that is to it.

  9. twas the greatest moment of the day...when across the floor at st. vinnie's holly whisper-shouted "molly! molly! molly!" with that crazy gleam in her eye, waving the loon sweatshirt around like it was the golden snitch.