Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 8: The Party Top to End All Party Tops

Full fledged holiday party season is officially upon us! As is verified by the significant haze that I now struggle to write this post through.

Last night was my bookclub's long awaited holiday party. Along with the audio book version of Life, by Keith Richards, as read by Johnny Depp (don't judge), the prominent feature of the evening was a specialty cocktail called "The Christmas Miracle". "The Christmas Miracle" (now being served at the Roebling Tea Room) somehow manages to contain whiskey, tequila, and be red, all at the same time. Not to mention delicious.

It is in the spirit of such seemingly impossible holiday combinations that I give you my #4 top Black Friday Thrifting find--the party top to end all party tops--the multi-colored, multi-sequined, super shiny sweater!

BAM! Rolling in to a holiday party in this little number, which set me back a whopping $4, will surely turn heads. I know you don't need me to tell you that sequins are very a la mode these days. But have you EVER seen so many different colors and kinds of sequins contained in one single garment!? I think not.

There are flowers. There are stars. There are circles. There are squares. Every color of the rainbow. This sweater takes the trend of sequined party tops and fearlessly raises it 1 million dollars.

I hope that your holiday party styling options might be so blessed.


  1. My favorite are the star sequins. This also reminds me of that indian restaurant we always used to go to in Manhattan with the "enchanting garden view."

  2. It looks like Lisa Frank barfed on your sweater. But in a good way.