Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 15: Sharing and Caring with the Little Polka Dot Limited Sundress

As we have alluded in the past, thrifting can at times bring out the worst in humanity. There is something about the thrill of deals during an unexpected bag sale that can weaken the strongest of friendships, when one finds herself hoarding all that is good around her for the sole purpose of preventing another from possessing said items.

There, is, however, a kinder, softer side to thrifting as well. Buying used items means that, unlike purchasing new clothes at the mall, a chain of ownership, sort of a collective sharing, has taken place when you thrift store shop.

As Laurie explored in her past post on cross-country thrifting via text messaging, one of the great joys of thrifting is passing items along when they don't work for you. Some people choose to hoard these items, which I admit, I have done at times. It is, however, much more rewarding to let those items go so they can be discovered and loved by someone who can appreciate them for their full potential.

Why all this sentiment? Well, it brings me to an item Laurie discarded which fit my needs perfectly, my number 6 find: the little polka dot Limited sundress.

Little Polka Dot Limited Sundress
Little Polka Dot Limited Sundress (detail)

I can already tell that this cross-back black and white number is going to be a major contender for Top Summer Dress of 2011. While it is a bit 90's, the cut is flattering (narrow in the trunk, flared bottom) and the small polka dot pattern, though slightly cutesy, is not nearly as girly and youthful (read: prepubescent and the original 90210) as many 90's prints are, which suits me just fine. Plus, the tiny dots remind me of the Milky Way, which reminds me of outer space (which is awesome) and candy bars (also awesome).

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