Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 12: Faux Fur and Redemption

Holly can officially keep her top on/ not destroy her computer, because although it was 52 degrees in NYC on Sunday, it is 22 degrees today. There is nothing quite like a sudden 30 degree drop in temperature to make you better appreciate both your crop tops and your super warm outerwear.

Which brings me to my #6 top pick of Black Friday Thrifting, the warmest coat ever, this $8 shiney black faux fur shawl collar coat.

First of all, I was pretty amazed to find out just how warm fake fur actually is. This particular coat is impenetrable to the coldest winds, while looking a hell of a lot cooler than those awful puffy nylon coats everyone else wears.
But this coat also represents something much bigger: redemption. When our day 0f Black Friday Thrifting first started out, I felt I was being put to shame by Holly and Molly. They were finding tons of stuff and I felt I couldn't even focus; I was too overwhelmed by the pressure, and I was hardly finding anything. These feelings of thrifting insecurity were at their peak when Holly pulled what is quite possibly the single most bitchin faux fur coat in the world* off of the rack--the rack that I had just been looking through--and held it over her head while doing her weird freak out victory dance. This sent me immediately to the "dark place". As I walked away from the fur coat dance freak out scene, Molly heard me mutter under my breath, "I'm gonna punch her in the face". And I knew that at the time, I meant it. Not my proudest moment.
Fast forward to 20 minutes later, when in utter desperation, I file through more of the coats, praying to the thrifting gods to throw me any kind of bone at all. Just then, I find this fantastic coat. I knew immediately that it could not really hold a candle to the amazing coat Holly had just found. My coat was kind of Holly's coat's hard partying, worse for wear younger cousin. But without that to compare it to, it could definitely stand on its own. And it served as the turning point for my psyche that day, and for that, I am grateful.
*I refrained from further description of said coat as to not steal Holly's thunder; it will surely be very near the top of her list.


  1. This may be my official most favorite post yet.

  2. This made me c.o.l.. Thank you for walking away and not actually punching me in the face. Though that would have made for a really good story.

  3. Laurie, I feel your pain. Thrifting with Holly is usually one of two things for me: intense jealousy at her ability to always find cool stuff (and so I can relate to wanting to punch her in the face) OR intense lack of stamina to keep up with her drive of searching through EVERY rack (at which point I leave her there and go do something else). She is an animal.

  4. I really want to "like" this comment.

    Because I AM an animal! Or at least a werecat.