Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 20: Romantic Pink Zipper Ruffle Blouse

"Romantic" and "sweet" are terms that, stylistically, I avoid like the plague. I err on the side of dark and severe, rather than light and pretty, all of the time. That makes my #10 top Black Friday find--a sheer pink ruffle front zip up blouse--quite the departure for me.

When I saw this pretty little top sitting by itself on the rack near the dressing rooms, clearly already discovered and discarded by someone else, I first noticed the zipper. What a crazy detail on such a frou frou blouse! But for the love of God it's pink. Not only is it pink but it is pink AND ruffled. The zipper might just cancel those two things out though....maybe.

So went my stream of consciousness. In the end, I figured I was obligated to at least try it on, as it fulfills two of my wishlist items: #4 "color", and #5 "dramatic blouses".

When I emerged from the fitting room to show it to Holly and get some feedback, her reaction was very positive. Still doubtful of such a cupcake-y color however, I whiningly asked her, "But do you think I will ever really wear it?" She gave me a very stern look, and replied, "Laurie, what did you say about color?!" I sulkily replied, "I know, I know", and added it to my cart.

Boy am I glad I did! As it turns out, colors go with black, even pink, so I am going to live. And, as we should ALWAYS keep in mind while thrifting, it is easy and rewarding to take risks when your risks cost under $3, as this baby did. Here is to broadening our personal style horizons, without breaking our budgets!

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