Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 7: Last Minute Wishlist Addition/Lace-up Black Booties

I am a major "list" person. Our house is littered with scraps of paper with my scrawl penned all over them, with some items crossed out. More often than not, however, these lists stand for testaments of all the chores and errands I have put on my plate for the day and failed to get to. While I find lists necessary to keep track of all my "to-do's" (even if I don't get to them), I make so many of them because I am constantly remembering, forgetting and re-remembering things I need to add to a list.*

When Laurie suggested doing "wish lists," I knew I had it covered—until I went to actually write mine. As I previously mentioned, I'd rather go blindly into a thrifting situation than focusing on a specific item I am willing into existence, so when it came time to condense all my thrifting hopes and dreams into a master wishlist, I panicked. It wasn't until breakfast time of BLACK FRIDAY THRIFTING that I was able to clear my head and jot down other items that I have been searching for.

These included:
Black cut-out booties
Cropped/shwide print graphic/phrase t-shirt (I used to have this yellow one I won at bingo in 4th grade that had "Jean Naté!" across it in amazing black script and I want it back)
Knit hat (large)
Long sleeved/long netted sweater
Black lace-up boots (à la Laurie)
Awful scoop-neck baby tee
Led Zep tee
Purple Rain (on VHS)

I share these with you because, I kid you not, the very first item I scored with upon entering St. Vinnies (and promptly walking right to the footwear section**) was my #3 pick: the black lace-up boots (à la Laurie, who may have actually found these first and passed them on to me (I was so excited, everything is hazy in my memory)).

Black Lace-up Boots

Black Lace-up Boots

Not only do these little boots fulfill a major item on my list (great footwear is one of my most favorite things in the world to find thrifting), but they are unlike any lace-up black leather boot I have seen. I am absolutely in love with the subtle variation in leather texture (plain, smooth leather and one that sort of looks like an uneven reptile skin), the skinny laces and the cut at the top of the boots. Somehow, they seem both modern (with the differing leathers) and Victorian (with the cut)—perfect for the Gemini inside me!

*If you are thinking I should just have one big master list, I have occasionally done this, usually around New Years or at some arbitrary turning point in my life. The results are similar to my daily lists, so after about a month, I usually abandon master lists.
**Tip: I always hit up shoes when I first walk into a thrift store because, as I mention in this post, great footwear always ranks extremely high on best thrifted finds. Shoes are also the easiest item to get through, as you just need to scan shelves, as opposed to riffling through bins or racks. This is, however, a purely personal preference, though it is good to prioritize based on your interests, values and needs.

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