Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beautiful* Things are Happening!

(Jake made this beautiful collage (he has a true talent for photoshop collaging) It is a sign of things to come).

Spring is here and the air is filled with excitement, mostly because in less than a week and a half, the public will be able to witness the most amazing show of spirit known to humanity. And no, I am not talking about the Olympics. I am talking about the unveiling of the Operation Sparkle/Fashionasty** booth at next week's Handmade Heartfelt craft fair, taking place on Saturday, April 23rd at the VFW in MPLS.

Yesterday, I got together with Jake Thompson at his gorgeously cute new apartment to "prepare" for the fair. In the five hours I was there, approximately 90% of these "preparations" included drinking newly-coined "Sweetie Darlings" (lemon/berry/basil vodka drinks), eating Mediterranean food, and talking about all the fun things we want to do with our booth. The other 10% included a very intense sign-making session, which you see documented here.

Heartfelt Signs

Jake's sign includes a felt hamburger, that will be smoking several cigarettes, a la Patsy Stone, while mine is a beautiful collage of all that 90's, 80's and Swedish fashion magazines had to offer. The signs are still in process, so get ready to be dazzled!

So mark it on your calendars, Twin Citians! Our booth will be the one that includes rugs, framed pictures of Keanu Reeves, positive thinking signs, all with an air of Kate Bush/Stevie Nicks/gypsy/"kitschy, Brady Bunch ABBA meets Vintage Miu Miu Kate Moss 1993"/faerie/Clarissa Explains It All to it. And of course, the clothes. I can promise you one blazer with a purple glove sewn on the back of it. You won't be able to miss it.

Laurie says this reminds her of her days back in college, when she did the fashion collective Fasten with Cortney and Vanessa. It is a bit similar, though Laurie actually made stuff and, from what I remember, there were a lot fewer rainbows.

In addition to our kick ass booth, Jake and Lisa of Yeti Records will be spinning some sweet tunes (the only thing keeping us from blaring Jake's "Language of Fashion" mix that is mostly just the Cranberries), Ashley of Evening Wood will be selling her sweet handmade wooden earrings, and I was also promised honey. There will be honey.

See you then!

*By "beautiful," I mean crafts.
**I just went to Jake's blog for the URL and he has pictures of Jane from Daria (my favorite 90's goth of all time), a nudie Rolling Stone cover of the cast of True Blood covered in blood (Team Eric), a video of Parker Posey dancing in Party Girl, and a whole post dedicated to my So-Called Life. Why are you still on here?! Go there now!

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