Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Which Sage Dawson Keep Showing Us Up, and We Love Every Minute of It

Operation Sparkle's favorite contributing thrifter strikes again! As if once was not enough to make us all rage with violent envy, Sage Dawson has returned to add fuel to the fire, and we are proud to be her chosen venue by which to show off. Lucky for all of us, she accepts face punches as a form of admiration and respect "whole-heartedly". I like this lady.

Isn't showing off fun? You should do it too! We want to see ALLLL of your finds, and we will give them an equally glorious platform to do so. So email them to us at, STAT. It's very important.

With no further ado, Sage's new set of finds!!!

Sage Speaks

Cocktail Dress

When I saw this dress in a local flea market I knew, no matter the price, I HAD to try it on. If it even remotely fit I intended to buy it and hoard it for life. I saw it far off across the market, then scrambled down the aisle to snatched it. Honestly, just looking at it is enough of a reward. Fortunately it fit like a freaking glove. It was $18 & worth every penny.

Who doesn't want a wool sweater with imagery of a country landscape? Just look at that scenery.

Pattern Wrap Dress. Check out the neckline & pockets. GAH, this is why I keep thrifting, only $5

Blue Floral Feedsack Cloth Dress - This was ten bucks plus I had to alter it to fit, but I knew I had to buy it because the pattern was too amazing. Just look at that pocket & those buttons. It's charming with a red belt.


$3 Rockports

$1 Belt with floral pattern embossed into the leather.

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