Friday, April 22, 2011

Sheesh I'm Tired, But THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Because really...Jake and I are going to have the best booth in the whole world, and if we don't win the "best booth" prize, I am going to seriously start questioning humanity's values (as a whole). Anyway, my general absence from sharing my totally rad thrifting finds is, in major part, due to the amount of time it turns out it takes to prepare for a craft fair (with the best booth ever) and fully complete a preview issue for a zine celebrating creative ladies.


Even though I should be getting some shut eye to prepare for the big day, I have to share this picture with you. It is Jake with a selection of our goods. There will be even more. And there will be, as promised, rugs to stand on, a mirror* to look in, signs to read, the preview C.L.A.P. zine to purchase, special surprise mix CDs, and, of course, about a zillion haute looks you can purchase for low, low prices.

So, if you are in the grand city of Minneapolis (hell, if you are in the grand city of St. Paul!), come and visit us! We will be at the T.A.C.I.T. Handmade Heartfelt fair from 11-6 tomorrow (this Saturday) at the VFW** on Lyndale! It is gonna get wild (we were promised a bloody mary bar. Things are really going get wild, so hold on to your socks!)!!!!!!!

*Chris claims this mirror makes people look fat. I think it is a really cute mirror and it serves its purpose just fine.
**When I was telling my mother about this event, she didn't understand what a "VFW" was until she exclaimed "oh! I got married in one of those!"***
***She didn't, but she did have her reception in one, and apparently she had a bitchy cousin of a now ex-sister-in-law that made fun of their pork sandwiches. Also, her dad was "very proud" to have his daughter's reception at his VFW. Miss you Grandpa Whip!

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