Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Has Sprung, All Over My Pants!

Now that my out-with-the-old process is complete, it is time to get going on the fun part, the in-with-the-new! The weather is actually becoming somewhat legitimately warm enough, for brief spasms of time, to take some of these brand new finds out in to the world on their maiden voyages. And while the weather has been a long time coming, Springy finds have been piling up for a few weeks now, as thrift stores are similarly feeling the itch to transition out of sweater-and-coat hell, and in to shorts-and-tank-top paradise.

This also means that there has been enough spring time thrifting going on for some patterns (dare I say, trends?) to start emerging. One major one that I have been seeing (and I am aware is also at play in the "real" world of fashion) is printed bottoms. It is also no big secret that I love, and am strongly drawn to prints, no matter which way the fashion winds blow. Here are some of the pant, and pant-like incarnations of my printed bottom finds, so far.

First off, are a pair of leggings that might spur a cat fight between myself and Down Town Julie Brown.

How cute are these? Nothing says Spring quite like a skin-tight scattering of yellow roses.

Although I have got to say, in the different phases of leggings trends throughout the past several decades, there have been some strange fits and proportions. While it seems a pretty straightforward design--that being, tight--there is a surprising amount of variation. This pair, for example, from the 90's, is cropped at mid calf, and the rise is a solid 11 inches long. No one on earth has a waist that high. The overall effect being, short legs, freakishly long torso. Sexy? Not so much. Luckily, these crazy proportions are easily disguised by any top that is more than 6 inches long.

Next are some pants that I am VERY jazzed about. They are top in the running for potential outfits for a wedding I am attending in Austin in a few weeks. Let me dissect the wonderful qualities of these pants for you.

Firstly, they are big, wide, sheer, slightly cropped pants that look like a skirt. Secondly, they have this great big Japanese geometric print all over them. Thirdly, the waist detail is completely amazing, and super flattering.

As far as potential wedding wear, these pose quite a few logistical problems. Most obviously, they are sheer. Black leggings look cute underneath, but this is Texas, and that seems like a good way to be hotter than hell all night. So shorts? bloomers? hot pants? I don't want to scare any grandmas. The other problem being the top that I would wear with it, a silk ivory camisole, would require pasties. I have never attempted pasties yet in my 29 years, and to make my first go at it in front of said strange grandmas also seems dicey. Perhaps they are just too racy.

And last but not least are these great little printed drawstring shorts.

These are definitely one of my favorite Spring finds so far this year. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and even work appropriate, and they feature a style of floral print that one hardly ever comes across....

which of course means it is now time for some super fun textile history! This style of print is called "Half-Mourning". They originated in the 19th century as a style of print worn by widows once they had cleared the all-black stage of dress, and were easing in less bleak apparel. That probably being why you don't generally see these prints these days. They are actually a bit morbid.

Which is not very Springy! So forget that and focus on how printed pants are fresh and fun!

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