Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Great Pre-Spring Closet Purge and ETSY STORE PREVIEW

What I am about to reveal may seem impossible, or at the very least, unthinkable, considering the topic of this blog being entirely, all the clothes that I (and Holly) buy. It is something that I generally prefer not to talk about, or admit to, but I feel that lessons can be learned from letting it be known. So here goes nothing....get ready for it....

I do not have a closet. I have not a single closet in my apartment. Not. A single. One.

That's right, none. You know, those compartments that generally come built in to any human dwelling (in the Westernized world) available to rent or buy, that vary in size, but generally have a bar from which to hang clothes, and perhaps shelving. You know, those things? I DON'T HAVE ANY. And I, quite evidently, have an F-ton of clothes.

That being said, what I like to call "wardrobe management" is nearly a full time job. In place of closets, I have two modestly sized wardrobes for hanging clothes, a standard dresser, and many cunning storage methods. Hiding things in plain sight is an art which I will boast, I have nearly mastered.

Last weekend, a standard session of wardrobe management (mainly, the handwashing of new thrifted garments, trying to figure out where the hell to put them, and not being able to) elicited a deep feeling of disgust at the absurd amount of clothing that I possess, most of which I never wear. Before I knew it, I was digging through every hidden stash of clothes around my house, and ruthlessly editing out the dead weight.

What follows are some of the pieces that got cut from the starting line up, and the reasons why. They will soon (-er or later, whenever we finally get our shit together) be featured in our Operation Sparkle Etsy shop. I am hoping that, by sharing my experience, I can help others with clothes-hoarding tendencies, to let go. To be honest with yourself, let go, and move on, without regrets. So here we go.

First up is a piece that I very vividly remember picking up in Green Bay with Holly, a good two or three years ago. I was drawn to the print (which is completely fantastic), but very much doubted the circle skirt/tulle underskirt/shoulder bow detail as something I would ever really wear. Holly insisted that it was a great find and that I should buy it. I let her sway me, but deep down, I knew that these things were not really "me." During The Purge last weekend, I faced that fact, and decided to let go forever.

Next up is a piece that I really hate to let go of. I really love it, and it has SO MUCH potential, but it is just too big for me. It is a 90's Limited Brand grey heather ponte knit sleeveless blazer, size 12.

I am certainly not one to shy away from tailoring something too big to fit me, but the logistics of this one are just too tough. To take it in would involve removing and also tailoring the armhole facing blah blah blah who cares. It's out the door.

And then there is this cropped button down rolled sleeve pink pinstripe top that I picked up in Buffalo last year. As I write I am very much reconsidering getting rid of this one. There are just so many good details...and I don't really have a legitimate reason to let it go...I guess sometimes love just dies.

The super spaced apart pinstripe, the button cuff tabs, the mini button collar, and it's cropped. That is a tough act to follow.

Last but not least is a piece that I picked up during the great 90's floral print enthusiasm that has broken out over the last year.

The floral is very nice, it's a button down, and short sleeved, which is hard to find. But I think, for me personally, it is the color combo that does not work. The navy blue and mauve just remind me too much of certain 90's home decor color schemes that I would rather not be reminded of.

And because of my weird color associations, this one is yours, world!

The lessons to take from these eliminations are as follows:

1) Even if something is a sweet find, and super cute, it may not be "you." Let go.
2) Even if something is a sweet find, and it doesn't fit you, and to make it fit you is beyond your skill or ambition, let go.
3) Sometimes love just dies. Let go.
4) Sometimes, loathed color schemes from your childhood irrationally effect you for the rest of your life. Let go.

Overall, I managed to clear enough space to eliminate an entire under-bed storage container, which is a very proud moment for me, even though my boyfriend didn't notice. More lessons to come! Get that spring cleaning going!

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