Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Has Sprung, All Over My Skirt!

What better day than Easter to bust out a bunch of brand new printed skirts!? AND it's beautiful outside today, to boot. 70 degrees in Brooklyn! Although I have spent most of the day inside, regretting a tequila shot and striking an inexplicable interest in the royal wedding. But I digress.

Not only have I stumbled upon a bevy of printed pants while thrifting in recent weeks, I have also accumulated some very cute printed skirts as well. Printed bottoms of all sorts have been so bountiful, I am beginning to think that my summer wardrobe will pretty much revolve around them, which is just fine with me. Here are the highlights.

First, in honor of the day, is this impossibly adorable vintage Laura Ashley tiered pastel printed skirt.

99% of the time, I find pastel anything to be the most utterly barfable things known to man. But there is an exception to every rule, and this is that particular exception. Somehow this print and palette manage to look sophisticated for what they are, rather than overly saccharine. It plays with the line but doesn't cross it. I know you know exactly what I mean.

And yes I am 29 and I am not afraid to wear Laura Ashley.

Back to my normal dark as night color scheme, I bring you this great royal blue and black tropical floral printed midi skirt.

Anytime I come home with a skirt like this, my boyfriend inevitably makes a comment about how it reminds him of Natalie Merchant. He then promptly starts singing a song of hers, (usually "Candy Everybody Wants" which I had no idea even existed until such an occasion)* that remains stuck in my head for hours. I can explain this state only as one which could drive even someone with nerves of steal to murderous ends.

My boyfriend was also very excited to utilize a new vocab term, "maxi skirt", regarding it, only to be crestfallen when I corrected him, explaining that this is actually a "midi skirt". He has to learn somehow.

I really love this print. It is incredibly detailed. I especially love all the paisley-like work inside of the palm leaves. Or fronds.

Next up is another floral printed confection.

It's just all around good. I love the color scheme and the fact that the print looks kind of stretched out.

And last but not least is a skirt that I thrifted right at the end of the warm weather season last year, and hardly got a chance to wear. I am very pumped to finally have a second shot at it.

The awesomeness of this print clearly goes without saying. It's urban and edgy, just like me.

*This might seem cruel and unusual, but I could not help myself.

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