Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Jewels: Other Jewels

Oh man, it has been a while—it seems as though that with spring has come the awakening of life, which also means seemingly fewer hours in the day. But have no fear—we have some truly great things coming up in the next few weeks for Operation Sparkle—in particular the purging of our closets for spring cleaning and the opening of our etsy shop. Possibly even more exciting? Jake from Fashionasty and I will be selling some of our best thrifted items at the upcoming Handmade Heartfelt fair, to take place on April 23rd from 11-6 at the VFW in Minneapolis. These items need new homes, mostly because I have run out of room and it is time to make room for more treasures (Don't tell Chris this. Or Tara, our roommate, who called me a "hoarder" the other day, after which I may or may not have had a truth moment).

With all that going on, you probably are thinking that we won't have any time for more thrifting (or sharing our treasures with the world via the internet). There is, however, no such thing as not having time for thrifting! Stay tuned to see my awesome finds from my trip to Washburn last week, as well as (hopefully) some great pieces that will (fingers crossed) result from a marathon thrifting trip tomorrow with my great friend Jackie.

In the meantime, here are some of the other beautiful jewels I have thrifted throughout the years!

Turquoise Zig Zag Ring

This is one of my new favorite rings. I picked it up in the fever that was thrifting with Jake and somehow forgot to photograph it (I actually find myself forgetting about jewelry I thrift a lot, so that makes this post all the much easier!). I love the colors and the weird zig zag. I mean, come on! Where have you seen a turquoise ring like this before?

Shell Bracelet

I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of bracelets, but I couldn't pass up this chunky shell one. It's hardcore and soft at the same time (nothing is better than contradictions in jewelry).

Colorful Pendant Necklace
Colorful Pendant Necklace (side 1 detail)
Colorful Pendant Necklace (side 2)
Colorful Pendant Necklace (side 2 detail)

You were probably just saying to yourself, "whoops, Holly just accidentally posted two necklaces in a row," but you would be wrong because this piece is reversible! WHAT? I am partial to the more colorful, spotted side, even though I think the black, blue and yellow swirly side is supposed to be the "real" one.

Fortune Cookie Necklace (detail)
Fortune Cookie Necklace (detail)

The only thing that could have made this fortune cookie necklace more awesome would have been if it came with an actual fortune (and for all I know, the original owner got one with it). One of my most favorite thrifted necklaces, I am beyond saddened by the fact that the pendant has started to break from years of wear. Maybe I will just glue it (why not?).

Beaded Necklace

I got this beaded necklace as another birthday gift—but this time as part of a "jewelry grab bag" (well, technically a "jewelry grab vase") that my friend Mary D. gave me a few years ago. She picked it up at Saver's and, man, what fun treasures! Many of the pieces were broken or super random, but there were some unexpected gems. AND you can always use broken jewelry for things like making headbands like I did here.

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