Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bethesda and the Discovery of Menswear Sweaters

Last winter, I became disillusioned with sweaters. Thrifting was yielding few interesting results in that department which is so crucial to winter dressing. Upon a visit to Bethesda, I decided to check out the men's sweater section on a whim, to see if they had anything to offer. And did they ever! So began my obsession with menswear sweaters, which continues into this year's increasingly cold season.

Although they may not be much for eye candy, they do the trick with their subtly androgynous detailing.
For reasons that may not be clear, this seemingly drab little V-neck is one of my favorite sweaters. The fit is perfect, the V-neck is high, and the yarn is taupe with a super subtle pink, blue, and white melange. And then there is this adorable all over striped bird jacquard motif that I just love. It is so much better than the stupid tiny skull motif that (everyone stole from Alexander McQueen and ruined) is all over everything lately.

It's vintage Gap!
Charcoal gray polo sweater with a breast pocket. I love breast pockets on sweaters.

This one I did not find at Bethesda, but on the other side of town at St. Vinny's. A boxy double breasted cardigan with a breast pocket and gold and black enamel buttons. I might have worn this more than any other sweater last winter.

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