Monday, November 1, 2010

Bethesda Thrift Shop, Never Forget

Holly and I are both extremely saddened by the recent news that Bethesda Thrift Shop--one of Green Bay's very finest thrift stores--closed its doors forever this past Friday. Just down the street from our high school, it may well have been the very place we first started thrifting.

Throughout the years, Bethesda has provided me with some of my best finds, which I will be commemorating throughout the week.

I found this fantastic series of tops (and one dress) this past July, on what I did not know would be my last trip to Bethesda ever. These pieces are a bit unseasonal, but their quality speaks volumes about the kind of things you could expect to find at this gem of a thrift store.

This crop top is perhaps one of my favorite things I found all of this past summer. The print design and the color quality are completely amazing.

Another all time favorite find of the summer. This poplin and mesh striped top is still in heavy rotation on in to the fall.

Silk tank top!

This mesh/cut out, T-shirt/swimsuit cover up is from the same family as this tunic that I found a few weeks ago in NYC.

Another swimsuit cover up, this cotton tunic has mesh stripes running through it.

And to wrap it up, the world's most perfect black tank dress. The little old lady at the counter charged me the T-shirt price rather than the dress price for it, on account of the length.

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