Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday Wish List: The Laurie Version

I would like to preface my Black Friday Thrifting Wishlist with this foreboding piece of astrological news I received the other day, via www.susanmiller.com.

"On November 26 and 27, Mercury and Uranus will be fighting, so you.... can't shop on those days because you won't feel you got value from your purchases. That is unfortunate because those are traditional days for shopping in America, falling just after Thanksgiving. There will be sales. You don't need those sales. Avoid them!"

Now, this could be potentially devastating if it were true. Holly, however, has somewhat effectively reassured me that this is most certainly referring to conventional Black Friday shopping, and not thrifting. I should hope that the planetary forces that control my very existence can discern between the subversive art of thrifting and the barbaric practice of flash sales and mall shopping. If not? Well, then, we are all in trouble.

Now on to my list. I do have a strong belief in being able to will things in to existence when thrifting. This involves possessing such a vivid picture of the desired object in ones head, that you effectively will yourself into finding it. It has happened to me before, and it is in that spirit that I create this list.

1: Of the utmost importance; I am in serious, serious need of some super cross functional, wearable, NYC-street-walkable, black pumps. It is unbelievable that I have survived this long without such a thing. The lack of such footwear is in fact such a handicap to my wardrobe, I just might cave and buy them new if I fail to find them this coming Friday. I hope it doesn't have to come to that.

2: Also embarrassing to admit; I have not figured out what the hell to wear with this amazing long velvet skirt I found last month. Any way that I style it I either look way too formal, or like a "70's Saturday Night Live Cast Member", according to my boyfriend. Not that that's a bad thing, just not exactly what I'm after. I don't think. Anyway, I need to find the holy grail top that makes this skirt sing that way that it deserves to.

3: In the realm of the super specific, a pair of crushed velvet platform shoes. I saw a pair a few weeks ago that were so perfect, but they were too small of course. I know this is a long shot, but a girl can dream.

4: COLOR. I was once told by a professor in fashion school that I was "color phobic". I am aware that this is rather true. My color phobia gets especially bad at this time of year, when I inevitably conclude that the easiest way to wear so many clothes and have them all coordinate is to wear all black. But it is only the beginning of the cold winter months, and I'm already getting black-ed out. I definitely need some color to punctuate the darkness of my wardrobe.

5: Dramatic blouses

6: Metallic anything and everything

7: A new winter scarf/ some patterned woven scarves in motifs that I will actually wear. I have nine million scarves but they seem to all be too colorful or too cheesy or to pagmina-purchased-in-Chinatown and I never wear any of them. Or wear then with a little shame. I know I can do better than that.

8: A cool chunky necklace. I will leave that one that open. Such bracelets would be lovely too.

And here is the official itinerary:

1) 9:30-11:00 SVDP (St. Vincent de Paul. The largest in the country) Green Bay

2) 11:15-12:15 Kroll's East (for crucial cheese curd/ butter burger break)

3)12:30-1:30 Fox Valley Thrift Green Bay

transit time to Appleton 1:30-2:30 with douchbag shopper traffic

4) 2:30-4:00 Fox Valley thrift in Appleton

5) 4:30-6:00 (hopefully later) SVDP Appleton

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