Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Retail Therapy As Seen With Capes

I was majorly bumming this morning. Super bumming. The kind of bumming that can only be caused by the realization that people have officially proven their idiocracy and where there is nothing left to do but go thrift store shopping.

While I feel a bit panicky about the amount of money I spent today, I do have to admit that self-soothing with some amazing thrifted finds is a better way to go than some other options (like moving to Canada or drinking an entire bottle of vodka).

In particular, I am pleased with two pieces that are best described as "capey."

Huge Black, White and Orange Scarf/Shawl

I love large scarves, and this one is huge and a great plaid. The black and white is classic, while the bit of burnt orange running throughout gives it a pop that keeps things interesting.

Huge Navy and Off-White Cape Coat (front)

I experienced the elusive "thrifting freak out" that only happens when you stumble across one of those most amazing finds with this Manos Hands of Fate-inspired navy and off-white wool cape coat. I started sweating, my heart was beating hard and I was worried that, like a mall store, I would get in trouble for trying to take it off the display. NOT SO! Without a second more of hesitation, I disrobed the display and took the coat as mine. ALL MINE! (this kind of reaction is what happens when you get the "thrifting freak out.")

The geometric pattern (both on back and front) and shape of this coat blow my mind almost as much as the fact that it has pockets. Suffice it to say that I am in loooooooooove.

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