Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Little Surprises

I imagine that working at a resale shop is quite different from working at a "normal" retail shop—not only is the merchandise changing daily, but it is also a complete crapshoot what you can come up with.

I have had a couple of really amazing moments at work when we have gotten in merchandise that I have also found thrifting. I generally find these moments to be mind-blowing, as one of the beauties of thrifting (and resale shopping) is that you tend to feel as though each item you find is one of a kind. These experiences at work break this illusion, but I like to think that they are merely a reflection of some kind of mystical fashion current through which we are all connected.

Dark Teal Silk Dress

I found this dark teal silk dress thrifting in Green Bay over a month ago. I believe it was my first shift back at work after this trip that the same one appeared on the Everyday People racks. This dress was one of the most tried on for several weeks before it finally found its current owner, so I take that as a measure of my good taste.

Button Down Dotted Tank

Last week, I was tagging items at work and to my surprise, found myself holding the same shirt as the one in this photo—except it was slightly larger and pink, instead of turquoise. Not only that, but I just happened to choose that very day to debut my top at work! Who would have thought that this button up Honors Juniors top would find its way, not just to my pretty little hands thrifting at the Halloween Bootique, but also to my work?! Fabulous!

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